January 19, 2012

what a lemon sucker

This is one of those season contradicting post. It's mid January and my mind is in summer mode. Not the I really love summer, I prefer winter ten times more. I just don't know what has gotten me thinking about summer lately. My guess is it's the lemons that our neighbor gave us. They are the most delicious lemons I have ever eaten. I make lemonade everyday and eat them with sugar. They are such a nice color too! It's been terribly cold lately too, which makes everything so ironic. It's been summer in my house, while outside winter is in full force.

I wanted to do something homey this day, so I shot myself with a lemon using only my iPhone. Everything was completely unexpected and unplanned. I was just eating a lemon, like any other normal winter day, and I pulled out my iPhone and started taking pictures. I really got into it, and even  made a video to go along with the photos. It was something artistic I wanted to do. Make something out of something usually meaningless. The pictures make more sense when you watch the video...at least in my opinion. I tried to put myself in the mindset of a child, so my movements in the video are childish.
 Before the photoshoot I made myself dinner. I made myself fried potato tacos. It was a very summery meal, and I added the lemon and tangerine from my neighbor's tree to make everything nice and summery. However look at the nice holiday place mat and plate. OH THE IRONY.
The shirt in the pictures is H&M.

Song: Florence + the Machine - Only If For a Night
Clothes: Dior Shirt
I chose the Only If For a Night for this video because it is very personal song about Florence's life and childhood, so since this was depicting me as a child I thought it was appropriate. My favorite part of the video is when I give myself margarita lips and cover them in sugar. All I'm hoping is that ants don't find the sugar I dropped while eating this lemon. I hate when ants think it's perfectly okay to invade my room and crawl up my leg. I hate those little critters. I made a video while shooting the pictures. Here it is. Consider it a little bonus treat from me. I really enjoyed making these videos so it's something I plan to do more in the future.

I think you can say I was a little inspired by Like a Doll by Time Walker for Vogue Italia. I liked the way that Lindsey Wixson was portrayed so innocently in a scary freakish world. Vogue Italia January 2012.

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