January 29, 2012

rising fashion

As soon as the new issue of Marie Claire reached my hands I was blown away with the quality inside. I was so excited and happy to see some of my favorite artists getting a little spotlight in such a famous magazine. Kreayshawn, Natalia Kills, Ellie Goudling, and VV Brown just marveled me with their latest editorial in Marie Claire February 2012. I am a big fan of Kreayshawn (since she is from the Bay Area, which is where I am from. she is really big and admired here too) and Natalia Kills (as I have previously mentioned here and here). I haven't really listened to VV Brown and Ellie Goudling, but have heard really good things about them. However music was the last thing on my mind while I looked through this editorial. The fashion was just so captivating. Marie Claire took each of the artist's personal style and amped it up to a high fashion level.

My favorite was Kreayshawn's outfits hands down, only because it was so different to what she usually wears; yet it was still something that fit her style. The colors were just so bright and happy and the Tommy Hilfiger headpiece was just so beautiful. The Thakoon on Kreayshawn looks so natural it was such a happy moment for me. I really do feel biased since I look up to the rapper, since she is from Oakland, which isn't far from where I live. It's an inspiration to me because she is so big now, and came out of the same place I am from. They really polished Kreayshawn's urban look, yet maintained her bold persona.

I LOVED the whole idea of Natalia Kills pictures. It was something that I could see her doing in her music videos. She looked really adorable even in the dark, fierce clothes because her beauty shines and this outfit really represents her style. I loved every detail of her pictures, even the little dragon fruits in the background.

When you wear two of my favorite Spring collections of the year, you are bound to get my attention. I loved the Prada and Louis Vuitton choices on Ellie. She has a softer look to her face, and the pastels from the clothes really just leave you impressed on how good they look on her. This shoot really motivated me to finally go and listen to her music.

 Now I hadn't heard of VV Brown until this editorial. I then asked my friend, and she happened to know who she was. I loved the Alexander Wang on her, with the Blumarine hat which reminded me of  the Paco Rabanne that Lady Gaga wore to the EMAs. She is really so gorgeous and looks stunning.

 I look forward to seeing these artists make their way to the top. They have a lot of talent and each have such a distinct style, which is so important for celebrities to have this day and age.

Photos were scanned by me from the Maire Claire February 2012 by Sergio Kletnoy.

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  1. Kreayshawn's outfits are amazing, that first picture is to die for.