January 29, 2012

rising fashion

As soon as the new issue of Marie Claire reached my hands I was blown away with the quality inside. I was so excited and happy to see some of my favorite artists getting a little spotlight in such a famous magazine. Kreayshawn, Natalia Kills, Ellie Goudling, and VV Brown just marveled me with their latest editorial in Marie Claire February 2012. I am a big fan of Kreayshawn (since she is from the Bay Area, which is where I am from. she is really big and admired here too) and Natalia Kills (as I have previously mentioned here and here). I haven't really listened to VV Brown and Ellie Goudling, but have heard really good things about them. However music was the last thing on my mind while I looked through this editorial. The fashion was just so captivating. Marie Claire took each of the artist's personal style and amped it up to a high fashion level.

My favorite was Kreayshawn's outfits hands down, only because it was so different to what she usually wears; yet it was still something that fit her style. The colors were just so bright and happy and the Tommy Hilfiger headpiece was just so beautiful. The Thakoon on Kreayshawn looks so natural it was such a happy moment for me. I really do feel biased since I look up to the rapper, since she is from Oakland, which isn't far from where I live. It's an inspiration to me because she is so big now, and came out of the same place I am from. They really polished Kreayshawn's urban look, yet maintained her bold persona.

I LOVED the whole idea of Natalia Kills pictures. It was something that I could see her doing in her music videos. She looked really adorable even in the dark, fierce clothes because her beauty shines and this outfit really represents her style. I loved every detail of her pictures, even the little dragon fruits in the background.

When you wear two of my favorite Spring collections of the year, you are bound to get my attention. I loved the Prada and Louis Vuitton choices on Ellie. She has a softer look to her face, and the pastels from the clothes really just leave you impressed on how good they look on her. This shoot really motivated me to finally go and listen to her music.

 Now I hadn't heard of VV Brown until this editorial. I then asked my friend, and she happened to know who she was. I loved the Alexander Wang on her, with the Blumarine hat which reminded me of  the Paco Rabanne that Lady Gaga wore to the EMAs. She is really so gorgeous and looks stunning.

 I look forward to seeing these artists make their way to the top. They have a lot of talent and each have such a distinct style, which is so important for celebrities to have this day and age.

Photos were scanned by me from the Maire Claire February 2012 by Sergio Kletnoy.

January 27, 2012


With the release of Natalia Kills latest music video to her new single Kill My Boyfriend (which I have stated to be an inspiration for me), I was so excited to come and show you guys some of the stills from the video. The visuals were just spot on in my opinion. Kills replaced blood with milk while she killed her boyfriend. She also gave me this retro vibe which I am really inspired by this time of year. Here are some of my favorite scenes from the video, which you can watch here. I loved the colors and the fashion of the whole video. Natalia really has such a personal fashion that be described with a label. My favorite scene was when she was showing off her mint nails while pouring and spilling milk. I was also so proud to find out she has Latin American roots, which I can relate to.

I really hope you enjoyed these visuals as much as I did, because I could not stop looking at this video. Choosing the scenes was so hard since I wanted to put my MOST favorite. I ended pretty much putting most of the video in this post...oops.

January 24, 2012

Capitol Couture Issue 1

I love the new Hunger Games promo blog magazine. Since I love fashion and the Hunger Games, this website made me squeal with delight. It's just so great that the people who are working on all these interactive advertisements for the movie have really paid attention to where the fans really are. The Hunger Games has a cult following on Tumblr, and the fact that they decided to make a website dedicated to fashion on Tumblr is just so appreciative. Tumblr Fashion Bloggers have increased over the last couple of years. There are so many great tumblr blogs focused on fashion. Tumblr has even sent bloggers to New York Fashion Week. I just found it so nice that they chose Tumblr to promote the movie. Now the Fashion world has also really been supportive of this series of books. I know Eva Chen from Teen Vogue is a big fan. I would like to say it's so popular in the Fashion Industry because it satirizes it and also it honors it. The Capitol is a demonstration of the obsession with trends, which is a reality in some of the people who work or participate in the Fashion Industry. I think the plastic surgery and enhancements are referencing the plastic obsession in Hollywood which is also a true, and scary reality.

The Capitol Couture blog is just so amazing because it uses real labels and designers to incorporate into the Capitol fashion. I think there are so many collections and designers that can be used to set a visual for the style in the Capitol. The Capitol Couture Issue 1 references Mugler and McQueen and both houses have pieces that would really satisfy any Capitol Fashionistas. I have stated before that McQueen was perfect for Katniss' fire dress.

Effie Trinket is profiled for this first Issue.

 These are inspired by McQueen ankle boots.
 The description said that these were made out of material from District 4 (dolphin or whale skin? I feel PETA mugging me from afar.)

 You can take a look at the Capitol Couture Issue 1 here. I can't wait to see the other issues!!

January 23, 2012


Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐! Gong Hei Fat Choi! Now I got really excited this year about Chinese New Year. I was dying to go to San Francisco today since I wanted to be around all the festivities, but the weather was incredibly crummy to take BART (the subway) all the way there to just splash in puddles all day. I didn't let this stop me for dressing up in red and just prancing around the city wishing everyone a prosperous year of the Dragon. Yeah I know I'm not Chinese, or Asian but that didn't stop me from getting all excited. 

I am officially a Second Semester Senior now. This means that my Senioritis will reach a full effect. That means I have a lot more time to post some cool posts for all of you guys. This second semester is said to go by so fast due to all the fun we will be having, and so excited with all the acceptance letters we will receive. I'm going to try to stop talking about college until I get accepted somewhere due to all the anxiety I get just thinking about it. I have to deal with my mom's "depression" since she is having second thoughts about me leaving far away, across the country. She's just really so sad about her losing her favorite child. (hehehehe)
I just wanted to layer my red shirt so badly.

Collared shirt is gifted, H&M crew-neck shirt, black thrifted jeans, thrifted boots.

Phone case is from Society6 and necklace on hand was my grandma's

Since I saw this necklace I fell in love with it. It was my version of Givenchy's thorn crown necklace. This necklace was my grandma's until the pendant that was attached broke. She left it at our house, and I rescued it from being thrown away. I always feel like she is close to me when I wear it.

 Instead of going to San Francisco, Marissa made me crepes and we out to eat at Sonics for the first time. I went crazy ordering all the sides they had! Our "carhopper" was super weird and kind of scary but he was nice. His name was Joe.

 You probably already knew, but I have completely become obsessed with Lana Del Rey. I first heard her music back during the summer, but her new releases really have me worshiping her. I love her urban babe look, and it goes so well with her breathtaking looks. I loved her on SNL don't care for all the criticism. I was upset with Perez Hilton's remarks since he basically told people publicly not to buy to "the hype", and I don't care what it looks like but to me it seems like he is trying to ruin her. Which doesn't make sense to his whole "new change", in which he promised not to be such an asshole anymore. Some people never change, but I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. I cannot possibly wait no more for her album. I listen to her EP every morning.

 The more pictures I see of this campaign, the more I fall in love with it. My friend Karinna and I recently had a little discussion about mint prom dresses, and I wished she could wear these Louis Vuitton dresses.
 Since Alexa Chung is the Queen of the collared-shirt-under-the-crew-neck combo, she was my inspiration. I just feel this combo is such an easy style outfit for a regular day. Alexa Chung is featured in Vogue's February 2012 issue.
 Givenchy's campaigns demonstrate everything I love about this season's fashion in a couple pictures. The way my collared shirt hung out from top shirt made me think of Givenchy's man-skirts.

This was my me while I thought about how only like 3 people from outside my house would see me in my Chinese New Years outfit.

I just wanted to share with all of you that Jane Keltner de Valle, from Teen Vogue, recently saw my Elle Fanning post, and said she fancied it! I basically died a little when she tweeted that to me. This was a short little post, but I have posted quite a lot this month that I ran out of things to talk about. Well I have a lot of ideas, but I'm saving them all for next month! Prepare for all my fashion week favorites soon!

January 21, 2012

Valentino's romance

There is something so romantic about the Spring 2012 Valentino campaign. Bette Franke, Maud Welzen, Fei Fei Sun, and Zuzanna Bijoch all emit such beautiful emotions in their soft and stunning faces. The clothes stand out so well in the setting and terrain of the campaigns. Valentino surely left everyone in love with such a captivating campaign. This campaign became one for my favorites of the season because of the way the colors of the clothes and setting seem to blend in so well; yet still allows the viewer to see the perfection of the dresses. It is sometimes difficult for a multi-model campaign to look so well without being too distracting, but each of the models in this campaign stand on their own while each one's beauty isn't outshone by the others.