January 24, 2012

Capitol Couture Issue 1

I love the new Hunger Games promo blog magazine. Since I love fashion and the Hunger Games, this website made me squeal with delight. It's just so great that the people who are working on all these interactive advertisements for the movie have really paid attention to where the fans really are. The Hunger Games has a cult following on Tumblr, and the fact that they decided to make a website dedicated to fashion on Tumblr is just so appreciative. Tumblr Fashion Bloggers have increased over the last couple of years. There are so many great tumblr blogs focused on fashion. Tumblr has even sent bloggers to New York Fashion Week. I just found it so nice that they chose Tumblr to promote the movie. Now the Fashion world has also really been supportive of this series of books. I know Eva Chen from Teen Vogue is a big fan. I would like to say it's so popular in the Fashion Industry because it satirizes it and also it honors it. The Capitol is a demonstration of the obsession with trends, which is a reality in some of the people who work or participate in the Fashion Industry. I think the plastic surgery and enhancements are referencing the plastic obsession in Hollywood which is also a true, and scary reality.

The Capitol Couture blog is just so amazing because it uses real labels and designers to incorporate into the Capitol fashion. I think there are so many collections and designers that can be used to set a visual for the style in the Capitol. The Capitol Couture Issue 1 references Mugler and McQueen and both houses have pieces that would really satisfy any Capitol Fashionistas. I have stated before that McQueen was perfect for Katniss' fire dress.

Effie Trinket is profiled for this first Issue.

 These are inspired by McQueen ankle boots.
 The description said that these were made out of material from District 4 (dolphin or whale skin? I feel PETA mugging me from afar.)

 You can take a look at the Capitol Couture Issue 1 here. I can't wait to see the other issues!!

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  1. "(dolphin or whale skin? I feel PETA mugging me from afar.)"
    Bahaha, a fashionista, AND a comedian I see ;)