March 23, 2012

spur of the moment

 My friends and I are really obsessed with shopping in SF. So it was only natural that we decided to go on the Monday we had off school. Now I was trying to save money that day, so I told myself I wasn't really going to go shopping, but once you get to Haight things go downhill. Everything in Haight just looks so beautiful that you must buy it or you are crazy.

I had been wanting the British Vogue with Lana on the cover for over a month now. I told myself many times that it wasn't worth buying online because of all the crazy shipping costs. So I had really evaluated the situation, and convinced myself that I would have to pass on this issue. However it only took my friend Aimee to send me a picture of the issue at a bookstore in Haight, to convince me all over again that I wasn't a Lana fan if I didn't buy her first Vogue cover. So here I am looking guilty, but happy with my lovely Lana covered Vogue.
 My inspiration for my outfit was Chloé F/W 2012. That show was one of my favorites of Paris Fashion Week and I was just marveled by all the coats and all the colors.
Vintage coat, thrifted shirt, my favorite gold collar necklace
After Haight, I gave my friends a tour of the glamorous side of San Francisco. 
The security guard at Chanel looked at me too much when I took this picture.
Before meeting my friend Aimee we stopped by a little chapel, which wasn't so big on the inside.
Just before leaving, we sat on the steps of Union Square park. We admired the beautiful day, while a street beggar read us a poem.
This was actually taken before we went to SF, when I was walking to Karinna's house. I loved the placing of the trees with beautiful blossoms.
Chloé F/W 2012. I really love every aspect of this collection.
I made very little purchases, yet I still had a lot of fun. It's a little bit surprising that these will be some of my last trips to San Francisco with my friends. Change is coming soon in all our lives, and it's interesting seeing how the final moments are approaching. As much as I don't want to stay in California for college, I really do love California's beauty.

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