June 25, 2011

Two for the Road

After bleaching my dad's shirt because I got mad at him for making me wash the bathroom, while my brother played outside happily, I was grounded and had to give back my phone (which was worthless anyways since the battery broke) and internet for like... a day. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I had really nothing better to do  but watch movies. This summer I promised I would watch all the Audrey Hepburn movies my public library had to offer, so I had a lot of movies to chose from. I watched The Nun's Story and Two for the Road. Out of the two, Two for the Road was my favorite, and I also feel like it could be one of my favorite movies of the whole summer. I think I really enjoyed this movie because it reminded me that love still exists (and when I mean love I mean the one besides the love for all things vain and fashion). Mark (Albert Finney) and Joanna (Audrey Hepburn) had a weird relationship, but in the end they were deeply in love.
I think Audrey looked her best for this movie, my eyes kept focusing on her eyes (which had eyeliner and they looked so sexy). The movie goes back and forth between 3 different times in the couple's relationship. They all the show a different side of Joanna, fashion-wise. The present time era, is when she looks simply glamorous and stylish. She wears luxurious clothing, and really just sends out an aura of class. She also has shorter hair during this time, and it really helps her maintain her classy look.
You can't really tell, but Joanna wore some latex outfit (above). It was really shiny and rubbery and it reminded me of all the latex Gaga used to wear. It was really chic of her, the way she stormed away from Mark. I also love how she wore this to ride in a car while traveling all of Southern France.
My absolute favorite outfit out of the whole movie was this red and yellow striped ensemble. I really only liked it because of the plastic glasses she wore with it; which reminded of of the Marc Jacobs ones that Gaga wore for V Magazine. (I really didn't mean to reference Gaga twice but that was the only picture I could find of the glasses up close.) Audrey looked really chic, and eccentric compared to her love Mark Wallace. She wore pastel yellow shoes and tights, but even though she used a lot of yellow I didn't see this whole outfit as matchy-matchy.
Joanna also brought out my summer vibes with this yellow outfit. It was perfect for the whole '60s/'70s era in which the movie was filmed. The big sunglasses seemed similar, yet different from the ones of our present time. Plus look at Mark showing off some leg with that little striped swimsuit. Wish I still saw a couple like this at the beach...
Speaking of Mark, his hair and his look really reminded me of someone. Unfortunately, I can't remember who (or I just wish not to mention it here *heeheehee*). Mark was your typical American man, for the late '60s, and he really just reminded me of someone from one of my dreams (daydreams maybe). The hair color and the "helplessly in love" look just really strengthened the memory of that memory, the memory of someone with a completely different view on life as mine.
Audrey didn't disappoint, and just had me wishing I was Joanna and Mark's love child. At the end of the movie I knew I had to fall in love all over again... with clothing that is.

Amy on Tumblr said:
"You know, all the clothes were purchased off-the-rack! Audrey didn’t originally want them to do that, as she was ususally dressed by Givenchy for her films. But they felt like it would make her character seem more real to wear “average” clothes."

Now if only everyone else that is around my age would watch this beauty.

June 18, 2011

night crawler

One morning I woke up in need of creating a new outfit. Since I lack the $$$ to go to San Francisco thrifting, I needed to work with what I already had... and  with what my brother had. I wish I could make a post filled with summery prints and tribal clothing, but for now this will just have to do.
I was really inspired by all those pictures I see online, where all the cool kids are having  a blast getting into dirty trouble. This was my take on all those pictures. The fact that I shot these pictures at night, really hurt the quality. It also required me to take 5678 pictures just to get the right one (and about 353 test shots). That fact that I work solo makes my job even harder, since I have to set everything up AND run to the right spot to pose. I also wanted that grainy, faded effect that all the pictures I was inspired from had.
shirt is Cotton On
vest is stolen from my brothers closet, shorts are Pacsun but I cut them myself
both studded bracelets are H&M
When I first tried this outfit on, it reminded me of something a "rock star" teen would wear to like the Kid Choice Awards. As I observed it more, I actually really enjoyed it. It had rebelle beau written all over it. I actually wanted to pose with my trophy to add satire to the whole shoot, but it was moving away from the "trouble maker" idea. The tank top I wore is so beautiful, well I mean the girl on it. I think I only like it because she's smoking glamorously (DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT SUPPORT THE ACT OF SMOKING. I DON'T DO IT MYSELF), and because of the French text.
This photo shoot also gave me the idea to change something about my hair. I hated the way my hair blended in with the background, since my hair is as black as night. As I was in the car the other day, I saw a guy which looked like he belonged in the pictures that inspired this shoot. He had FLAMING red hair, a little like Rihanna's, and he had on a leather vest. He was hanging out with his rebel buddies, and they were about to ride bikes. It really inspired me, and I don't think it would look bad since I share the same skin tone with Rihanna, and it looks fine on her. It's something I would have to think about, and also save money for. I would probably have to bleach it, and that sounds like a hassle. It would all have to be during the summer though, just because my parents are maximally traditional and would hate me going to school like that. 
I like the way this seems like it was taken in the city, not a shit town. (suburbia)
This just motivates me to get my hair dyed.
champagne leopard crawler
suburban party, where all the fun occurs
midnight rebels.
dark punk

June 14, 2011

Givenchy Resort 2012

Due to the fact that I am so overwhelmed lately with so much inspiration, I hadn't really been interested in the Resort collections this year. I found them all okay but nothing more than that. Givenchy however, really blew me away! All though many say it's nothing "new", due to the fact that it is similar to the F/W 2011 collection, I was really impressed. I loved the F/W collection so much that I was really happy that Riccardo Tisci decided to incorporate the same idea into the Resort. 
The Bird of Paradise print caught my instantly. It screamed tropical, summer getaway. The Bird of Paradise is one of my favorite flowers, so this collection was going to be an instant favorite. I really like the reflection of the pattern, because it creates such a beautiful illusion.
The fact that Givenchy maintains this edgy aesthetic really captivates me. Even with the floral prints, it still has a certain edge; something that takes punk and makes it beautiful. Riccardo really took florals to a whole new level with this collection. What I love about the sweaters (like the one on the right), is that that they can be very casual, yet they can be pulled off as daytime glamorous.
Some of my favorite pieces from this collection are a little bit simpler. What I love about the white piece on the left (besides the fact that it's white, since I ADORE white) is the the collar of the sweater. It seems to have been styled with beautiful necklaces, and there seems to be a nice intricate design that really dazzles me. The piece on the right has me mesmerized. The pop of color is so beautiful, and it really makes the flower stand out from the other types of printed flowers in the collection. 
I just wanted to point out the use of sheer fabric in the skirts; also the way they are used in the F/W 2011 collection. Also, I really love the way the magenta flowers go with the cargo green. The visors, along with the lanyards, make the collection seem like it is the glamorous twist on a tourist uniform. There has always been that negative connotation that comes with the word "tourist", but I would love to be called a tourist as long as I was able to wear this collection. You can really tell that Tisci was playing with that idea in this collection.
Two things I want to point out from the collection are the shoes and the "two-strip" skirts. The shoes are just so perfect for a Resort collection. They scream summer, without having that tacky flip-flop feel to them. The "two-strip" skirts are so creative, because they create a contradiction with having the sides long, but still allow women to show off those legs. Also, I really love how some outfits can be so simple and punk; while others are really unique and glamorous. 

I would also like to thank Riccardo Tisci for picking Saskia de Brauw to model some of these outfits, because to me she is exactly what Givenchy represents. Her edgy look can also be so soft and beautiful. 

Pictures courtesy of Vogue.

June 13, 2011

Summer rebel pastels.

I was really inspired by Mugler for this look. I know a lot of people criticize Little Monsters who are also into fashion, because they say we only like what Gaga wears or promotes. I find this so unfair, because they steal our spotlight and our credibility. I did take inspiration from Gaga and Mugler for this look, not because it was my intention, but because when I saw the color of the vest (which was originally a shirt) it reminded me of the yellow rubber material that Mugler used. I would have loved mine to be made out of rubber, but I'll have to do with my cotton version. Gaga wore the above at the 2011 Grammies. The rubber jacket is from the Mugler F/W 2011 Men's collection.
The shirt that I made into the vest, was the same shirt I wore to my 8th grade dance. Everyone dressed up and what not, so after that day I never really wore it again. One day while going through my closet, I found it and fell in love with the color all over again. So against my parent's wishes, I tore it up and made it fit me once again.
The white shirt is H&M. I really like it because it's slightly sheer, so since I'm in love with sheer and because I really like how it looks with my skin color, I had to have it the moment I saw it. I also have it in cardigan form. The shoes are Urban Outfitters, and I really adore how they go with everything and how they are like the right shoes for minimalism. This outfit is really one of my most simple outfits. It's a combination of my rebel aesthetic and one of my classic simple moods.
The pants are Cotton On, and they are slightly faded now. It's funny actually, because you can only see the fades under certain light. Most of the time they are just black. My favorite part of the vest is when it flows in the wind, or when I walk. I usually just picture myself looking really glamorous, and the papz take pictures of me while I walk flowing in the wind. (These are the vain ideas that go through my head)

June 12, 2011


I would like to welcome all of you to my blog. My name is Victor. I'm a Californian with New York dreams.  I love the French language. I aspire to be one of the best dressed at Paris Fashion Week, or maybe just on the street side cafes. I'm quite interested in fashion, and I plan on working in the fashion industry. Throughout the years, I have evolved my personal style, and even though it still constantly changes, it is my biggest pride + joy. I really look forward to put all my ideas, inspirations, and creations on this blog. I embark on this new journey starting now.