May 07, 2012

Met Gala 2012

Let me just give you a list of my favorites of the night.
 Proof enough that Lana is perfect. Loved the cape, the gown, the lippy stick. 
 Honestly so cute. The F/W Marc Jacobs is styled so well in my opinion...and I heard she paired it with a bunny purse. I want red carpet pics though. Alexa Chung is always a favorite.
 Loving the witch vibes, and all the haters can hate. Team Mary-Kate.
 Karolina Kurkova in a full armor of beauty. Rachel Zoe
 The metallic seems to run off Camilla Bell so greatly. Ralph Lauren.
 Jessica Stam reminds us of the beauty of Dior.
 Even with a lobster on her dress, Anna still slays...I think the Prada lobster suits her well...such a strong creature. Bee looks beautiful Erdem.
 Bianca Brandolini had a glitz presence and I was loving it.
 SJP looked adorable, reminded me of a thrift store a good way though!!! Very antique in Valentino
 I wasn't feeling it but it grew on me. Gisele in Givenchy
 Glad to see Stella repping Chanel. Loved it. It was simple, yet it stunned you.
And last but never least, Rooney Mara in Givenchy of course.

P.S. Victoria Justice looked really adorable in McQ. Good choice, she made a great impression.
Alexa on the runway and I'm still feeling it.

I may add more as I see any that I missed. These were my favorites and I mean, I did expect some of these on this list. I liked Marc Jacobs just can't find a HQ picture. Heres a LQ picture though. He took a really daring risk.

You can see the rest of the Met Gala posse here.

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