May 20, 2012

you left too soon

This post is dedicated to the rain that left before I came across this coat. I wore this coat originally on a quick trip to San Francisco, in which we attended a poetry slam. It was a show stopper to say the least. I decided on wearing it when I cam across it in my friend Murmie (née Mirium). I hyperventilated until she let me wear it. I then kept it because I knew I wanted to wear it to school. I wore it to school on a cloudy day, with a few sprinkles of rain here and there. It got me so many nice compliments. I wore it with my thrifted floral shirt, which has these beautiful blue flowers. I'll emphasize the shirt in a future post because I want to focus on the rain coat more. Excuse my right foot in the picture above, I was standing on a hill and it was defying gravity I guess.
This is obviously a couple of weeks later. My friend kept asking for the jacket back, so I had to shoot really quick. I love how it illuminates my face in a yellowish light. This day was really sunny, and I was sweating in the coat, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Murmie is jealous that everybody liked the jacket on me, and that she didn't get to wear it first.
I really like the way my face changes depending on the length of my hair. Actually, I feel like my face never looks the same. I always look really young, but I can with look fierce, derpy, or just plainly childish. I take pictures in angles that make me look the way I see myself in my mind. I mean when other people take pictures of me, I almost never like them. They really don't depict the vision I have in my mind.
My dad said I look like a banana in this coat, and I'm okay with that. I really just adore it. I think it's very classic. A yellow raincoat for a cloudy day is just such a timeless vision. It might be the color contrast, but I really like the way it makes everything more lively on a sunny day. To me it looks like the sun's aura being conveyed through a jacket. A light really does seem to follow you in this coat. I love the shape of the buttons and the pockets. It is just perfection in every aspect, and it kills me that I have to give it back (hint hint Murmie). I'm just glad I was able to wear it at least once. I felt like a variation of the Morton Salt girl.

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