May 11, 2012

do these overalls make me look sassy?

"You'll look like a farmer if you wear overalls", they said. What did I do to avoid looking like a farmer? I didn't do anything about it, and wore cowboy boots just for kicks and giggles. I wanted to look like a pioneer in the prairie, and I didn't care what I looked like to people. I kept saying to myself "God, forgive these ignorant souls that do not know who Alexa Chung or Leandra Medine are. Forgive them for they have sinned". I knew that these overalls would get a lot of stares, and honestly I was surprised that they got less confused looks than the time I wore a fur coat to school (my friend Karinna describes my fur coat day as my It Girl day, just because no one can top that). Now I was obviously super inspired by Alexa Chung, and I wanted to be leggy too, so I cut my overalls into little boy shorts. I honestly only wore the boots because I thought they made my legs look sexy. Now  I wasn't offended by the farmer remarks, only because I didn't mind being a cute little farmer.
The shirt I am wearing is a beautiful pale nude color. It really does look darker in person, but the lighting lighten it up. I bought the boots when I went to Berkeley, they were the only things I bought that day so they were special. I really enjoyed showing off my legs this day. I strutted with slightly more confidence while I heard the "OMG ARE THOSE OVERALLS?? NOOOO!!". Now I really hate that overalls have to be such a big deal, we all wore them!! My overalls gave me confidence when some girl said I dressed hideous. I sent her a little sassy text reminding her of her judgment in clothes. We reached an understanding...
vintage overalls, thrifted shirt and boots
My Calculus teacher recently had a conversation with me about my clothes. He said that he never knows if I am wearing $5 clothes or $500 clothes. You know sometimes I don't know either. I make my little thrift store clothes seem like they are unique in life. We then talked about when I became interested in clothing, and how I always look different. I mentioned my overalls, and he had the nerve to say they were "a little goofy". Well you know what? I got up and left the class (it may or may not have been time to leave for lunch). I really don't see how he can call me goofy when he is the definition of goofy.*sigh* math teachers...
Alexa Spam just because I was told I am the male version of her. I believed it of course because it's flattering.

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