July 30, 2012


Midsummer days are always filled with me trying to either get out of the house or I stay in and waste my life away on the computer. Here I was hanging out with friends at Sonics. I love Sonics because I eat it once in a blue moon, but I always end up ordering so much. I took these pictures while a snuggling Asian couple looked at me, and the quirky employees warned me about the wet grass. The employees must be the weirdest people ever, and seeing them in skates doesn't help.

I'm trying so hard to start reading books again. I feel like my mind needs to be active and it needs a little brain food. I just need to really let my mind wander into something else other than reality. I used to let myself worry about the problems of the women on Desperate Housewives, but I hate how all the characters have changed and I didn't like the changes. Now I just need another escape. I have a couple of books on my list, and I'll try to tell you guys about my readings.

Zara Top, H&M Pants, vintage shoes and thrfited glasses
I really love my paradise shirt. I was initially going to wear it to the Rookie Meetup, but I already told you guys about how the weather seemed to screw me over. I feel like the shirt has some Givenchy vibes, with a combination of Altuzarra. It it perfect for just a day out and relaxing.

July 28, 2012

my new favorite model

Now when I first read about a fresh model, I wasn't too attracted until I read she was Mexican. You know my friend Briana always asks me about black models, and once she asked me if there were any famous Mexican models that I was proud of (I am Mexican which is why she asked). I told her I didn't really know any, which got me wondering why. I concluded that most are "too ethnic" or maybe since Latina's are usually more curvy they don't really make it in the high fashion world. So Marina Rivero, signed to Paragon Model Management, caught my eye quickly as I read she was from Mexico. The whole story changed when I saw her pictures. This girl blew me away. She has such a classic beautiful look. Her stare is so innocent and deer like. The shape of her face is interesting too. I am really interested to see how she does in the U.S. and New York. I would love to see this girl's career soar. I am really rooting she books some big designers, because she has the measurements and the walk to conquer the world.

Photos from models.com and paragonmodelmanagement.blogspot.com

July 20, 2012

summertime sadness

We have all heard it before, "Lana Del Rey is perfect". I totally agree, but let me point out that the Summertime Sadness video is also perfect. It wasn't too long ago that Lana released the video for National Anthem. That video sent the internet into a frenzy. People obsessed over it for days, and it wasn't too long ago that I still heard people talking about it. Now, I don't know if it was just me but I wasn't dying for that video. Now before you start judging me I want to point out that yes, that video was beautiful. Yes, that video had the greatest clothes and theme. Yes, the video highlighted Lana's persona. However, it was Lana doing Lana. Lana is known for her retro locks, and seductive pout that is reminiscent to the 1960's. When I heard that the National Anthem video would be JFK themed, I knew she would pull it off with flying colors. That is why I wasn't surprised that the video was good, since Lana can do a retro video like no one else could. That is why I wasn't yelling to the four winds that the video was the best thing ever; I knew it would be good the minute she decided set it in the 1960's. Now let us direct our attention to her newest video, the video for Summertime Sadness. I think this video appealed more to me, because it wasn't telling a flat out story. It had a lot of beautiful scenes that were so abstract, yet they still told a story all together. I loved the theme of falling, and I think it went well with the song (it would have been better with the original, but I was digging the remix), and it was remixed to go along with the version being played on the radio in the UK. I loved the scenes of smoke and suicide. They were so captivating and heartbreaking. I really see how Lana's album has a recurring theme with death, which may be because the album is about the man she loved who I predict is dead. I just really felt like this video was up to par with the Blue Jeans video, in the sense that it let the viewer interpret it how they perceived it. I just love how simple Lana looks, because it resembles the way she looked in her first videos (the ones she became famous for). I mean all her videos are really creative, and she puts so much effort into them. I just felt like this video was just so sentimentally gorgeous. I may be biased because this is one of my favorite songs from the album, and I love the idea of falling. It was my cup of tea.

July 18, 2012

I'm the new Blake Lively

I just recently read this article by one of my favorite Rookie writers, Leeann, which talked about how nowadays fashion bloggers often bloat in posts where they claim they haven't worn jeans in a while. I found it pretty accurate, especially since jeans are now seen as casual clothing and not something you are too proud to be wearing. I do see that many people opt for other denim pieces like shorts, shirts, and jackets rather than a good ol' pair of jeans. I agree with Leeann, jeans are a symbol of an era and have stayed to be part of fashion for quite a long time now. I mean I think sometimes people are just too pretentious, and want to continue to display a certain look that they are categorized with and rather not mess it up with a pair of "cheap jeans". I do admire people like Alexa Chung and Leandra Medine, who rock jeans so effortlessly and with a coolness that is just not from this galaxy. The latest issue of Teen Vogue, August 2012, spotlighted how to wear jeans and denim in different ways. It was all really cool and honestly I feel like there is something so suave about denim; something you can't get with other materials. So in the end, even though there are some people that steer away from jeans there are other who just can't get enough.
Coincidentally I was wearing jeans while reading the article. I had stopped wearing jeans for while. I stopped buying them and sooner or later I just opted to wear other types of pants. However it wasn't too long ago that I rediscovered a pair of pants that I used to wear in like 10th grade. I had stopped wearing the pair when I started wearing skinny jeans. Since I soon got tired of skinny jeans, I reappreciated this pair of jeans when I rediscovered them in the depths of my drawer. I also defied the whole casual label on jeans by pairing them with some pretty dressy shoes. Also I added my "barong" which my friend Gretchen told me is the name of the type of shirt I am wearing. Barongs are Filipino shirts, which are worn by men in Filipino weddings and cotillions. I don't care what the shirt is called, I just care that it is slightly revealing and it has pockets at the bottom of the front. It is all part of my intention to make jeans dressy.
Our family got a new puppy! It is more like my little cousin's dog, but she is staying with us so I tend to carry it a lot. I like to call it her dog, so I don't feel like I am cheating on the dog I already have. Anyways, here I am giving off Blake Lively and Penny vibes. Watch out Blake, there is a new bitch carrying bitch in town.  
But in all honesty, I am the biggest Blake Lively fan so this is my attempt to mimic her.
These are some roses in front of someone's yard. I quickly stole all the petals and ran. Gotta make my rose tea somehow. 

July 16, 2012

rookie meetup

So here is my collection of memories and stories that all have to do with the San Francisco Rookie Road Trip Meet. So it all started one day at my local Fro-Yo shop. There I was eating Lychee Froyo with my favorite topping, strawberry and lychee bobas. I was skimming through Instagram when I saw Tavi announced the dates for the Rookie Road Trip. I was ecstatic, and I envisioned myself actually seeing Tavi in real life. So as more time went on, the activities for each city were released. I was still ecstatic to meet Tavi in real life. So I hit up my girl Aimee and told her the good news. She was ecstatic to meet Tavi too, her reply through text said it all: "!!!". Time passed and me and Aimee planned our pilgrimage to San Francisco. I had dreams of how it would all be. The first one was of me, Tavi, and Aimee having a garden tea party, while Tavi handed us Smuckers Uncrustable sandwhiches...in grape flavor. The next dream consisted of Tavi standing in front of us, and we were just causally talking about how she has met Alexa Chung, and she then proceeded to call her and invite her to dinner with us (my dream ended before Alexa arrived). So the day finally arrived and I would finally live the actual moment when I met Tavi...in real life.
So I planned my outfit WEEKS in advance, but of course the weather wasn't on my side and I had a slight cough...so I had to re-plan my outfit that morning. I chose my sea horse shirt because it was cute and appropriate. We arrived in SF early, and we proceeded to walk through a bad part of town..and of course I looked over dressed and I was afraid people would believe I was lost and rich and kidnap me and then my parent's wouldn't be able to pay the money they asked, in order to set me free. We finally reached a hip and trendy part of town and I felt a little safer. We went inside Bi-Rite Creamery about an hour early. The picture above is of that moment. We met the marvelous Maria, who was a worker for the ice cream shop. We explained how there was going to be like 60+ people coming to the shop to fan girl over Tavi. She asked if they would be as well dressed as us and I blushed and responded, "hopefully". She let us sample all the flavors and helped us make our decision. We then saw some fellow Rookies outside the store and we went to go socialize. We may or may not have been intimidating because nobody wanted to be our friend, until we met a charming young lady by the name of Katy. We talked about Tavi and all that Rookie stuff. Soon everyone started arriving, and it wasn't long until we saw Petra saying that Tavi was coming. Everyone just stood there a little confused, so I grabbed Aimee and Katy and we walked to wear Tavi would be walking up to. So when Tavi arrived, she approached us first and I died a little bit.
Tavi was wearing this colorful floral dress with a monarch butterfly clip. She was so shy and timid, and it was so cute to see how delicate she seemed in person. She introduced herself to our group and she talked to us for a little, and I told her how Aimee and I would always talk about her in math class, and she joked and said we had gossip sessions in which we talked shit about her. 
She made this face when I told her I was taking creeper pictures of her. After she moved on to the next group, Aimee suggested we go in line to get ice cream. As we stood there looking for the line Maria came out and directed everyone to where the line was...we found ourselves in front of the line...and standing next to Petra, Anna, and Hazel the rest of the Rookie crew. We talked to Petra for a little and I gave them some bracelets I made, which are pictured below. They were shocked to find out I made them and seemed really grateful. I gave Anna one too because I thought it would be mean not to, and she was so surprised since she isn't a writer for Rookie (she's Petra's sister). She thanked me and and Petra said to her, "I could see you eyeing me with jealousy". Then Petra and I proceeded to giggle and I told her about which flavors I liked the most. Maria yelled at me, "Victor! Bring your friend (Petra), to the front!" I felt a little happy that Maria thought Petra was my friend. After paying I talked to Avery, Petra's boyfriend, about all the interesting flavors (including some little mixture that included olive oil, that Maria had let us sample). We soon sat for a little and conversed with Anna about the whole trip and the upcoming Rookie Yearbook. Petra soon came and took us outside to talk to her.
Here are my bracelets, I made the Rookie crew the same ones, just different colors. Pictured is also the ring I wore to the meet (I ended losing it, but later found it at home...so it never made it to the meet) along with an assortment of other rings I didn't care to photograph. Outside, Petra, Anna, Avery, Aimee, Katy and I talked about San Francisco and hobos and all it's wonders. We also talked about food and how Tavi has an accent. Then a hobo complimented Petra on her glasses and she said they were from Urban Outfitters, which Avery then joked with her for "promoting" UO, who is a sponsor of the Rookie Road Trip. After talking for quite a while with Petra and her sister and boyfriend, we walked together to Dolores Park. On our way there we talked about Lana Del Rey and how I almost met her, but didn't, and how we all wanted to meet her. We talked about Lana for most of the walk there. When we arrived to the park, Tavi was sitting on the grass forming a big circle. Petra came in and suggested we all just huddle since we had a big group. She walked inside the circle towards Tavi and while everyone sat there confused I took the opportunity to follow Petra, grabbed my friends, and I sat right next to her...AND RIGHT IN FRONT OF TAVI.
Now I was I was just living in the moment, so I didn't really realize how lucky I was. I mean I'm not saying all of this to sound egotistical, but after seeing pictures other people took of the huddle we were extremely lucky to be sitting so close to Tavi. Others just saw her from afar, because the group was so big. I turned around and saw everyone just huddled around Tavi, Petra, Aimee, Katy, myself, and a few other people. I mean you could say I was just in the right place at the right time, and I was really astonished by how Tavi has this cult-like following. I'm really happy that I was able to sit so close to her, and really just take in how humble and kind she is.
She talked for a little, and then led us in a Norwegian lullaby her mom sings to her. She then told us all how stylish we all were, and how she didn't expect such a big turn out. She then told us to mingle among ourselves. So we all stood up and walked around, many walked up to her to wait for a picture, and a moment to talk to her. I would say about 80% of the Rookies were huddling to meet Tavi. I only imagined being Tavi in that moment, and I wondered how wonderful it must be to meet all these people that have always wanted to meet her. Some of them were so creative and kind, it just made you realize how much of an influence Tavi has.
Meanwhile, I took pictures with people that were so kind and friendly and with such amazing clothes. I also took a picture with Colleen (left in the picture above), who I had seen preform her poetry twice. She knew two of my classmates, and I believe she recognized me. Colleen is so incredibly talented and was surprised to see her, yet I was happy we had something in common. She introduced me to her friend, who was best friends with another poet I knew. I met so many more people, with interesting stories and lives. I was really honored to be given that opportunity. 
After a little wait, a lot of mingling, the crowd around Tavi had diminished. Katy, Aimee, and I approached her and she received us with hugs. Aimee gave her this beautiful zine, and then I gave her a bracelet (like the one I gave the other writers) in a mustard color, and I explained how I knew she liked that color. She remembered that exact moment I was talking about and told me she loved it and how I got the color right. Katy gave her some patches and a crown on behalf of her friend that was in Israel. I then gave Tavi some things for a little shrine she was building, and the articles had importance to me and Aimee, it was a Les Mis button and a bracelet she made me. She was so delighted and asked to have a group hug. We then each took pictures with her, mine came out super dark (hence the editing), and she then gave us each another hug. We then said talked about future things she was doing, and her art installation in LA she was making with Petra. We then left her and went to go socialize with more people.
Here is a picture of me and Petra, who I found so incredible. She had a rock star vibe to her, maybe because of the coat she was wearing, but she was so down-to-earth and friendly. We took sunglasses pictures because she said she felt prettier with them, I said I did too because I tend to look derpy in pictures.She later said on instagram that this picture was sassy, which made squeal of delight.
Hazel was so kind too! She joked a lot which was really fun, and she was so bubbly yet cool. I mean her aura was like a pink bubble gum pink, with a sudden dash icy blue. She was so adorable in person also. We spoke a few times, and I am not going to lie...I jumped up and down in my head every time she remembered my name. MEMORIES: Greaselightn'.
Hanne, who had an incredible flower crown took this amazing picture of us. Katy is on the far right, Justina (who I talked to online a few times, and was happy to meet) is next to her, and then Aimee was camera chopped on the left, but her wonderful scarf jumped in the picture enough to be partly photographed. 
And we also met a sweet girl from Beijing, she was American but lived there. She had a nifty new Polaroid camera, and took a picture of us...and then gave it to us. It was very nice of her, Aimee kept it but I had to take a picture for the MEMORIES.

So that was really most of what happened. I was so glad to be there and delighted to meet so many cool people. I know I must have come off as fanatic to the Rookie Crew, but it was impossible because you admire these people and their work online so much that you are just so delighted to meet them. In the end I don't regret my fan girl moments because they were sincere and truthful. *wink and smirk*. I was also happy to see us on a couple of posts. One post on the Rookie tumblr made me realize how I was one of the few boys at the meet up, and my manhood is recognized in the post. I really appreciate them admiring my clothes, considering how I had to change my original outfit. It was really all worth it when Tavi complimented my shirt, and loved the seahorses. A lot of people really liked it, so I was glad I went with it in the end. My head also makes a cameo in this post by Hazel. Look for me in the picture of the group huddled around Tavi.
Aimee took this picture of me with an amazing mural after finally leaving the event.
Thrifted jacket, Zara shirt, Levi jeans, sunglasses were a gift from my brother.
The shirt has a story, I wanted it as soon as a saw it in the store. My friends told me I should wait since I had some other things I was already buying and my total was racking up. So I did, but after not buying anything in the SF thrift stores, I went back before Zara closed and bought it. I MEAN IT HAD SEA HORSES AND VERSACE VIBES.

In the end I had a lot of fun, and made new friends. I also met many people I admired which was so surreal and such a treat. I could never thank Rookie enough for this opportunity. So amazing, and I will remember it forever.