July 07, 2012

the hills

My parents are self proclaimed joggers. They love jogging and hiking and all that fun and outdoor exercise. Most of the time I was dragged along; sometimes even forced to join along. I would try just to get it over with and enjoy the outdoors. While I walked up and down the hills, I would always get really inspired by the nature around me. I loved the sway of the tall dry grass, and the view was impressive. I knew I always wanted to make a blog post with pictures set on these hills. I never had the opportunity before because no one would come to my picture (I know it is a sad world). I knew that if I ever did get the opportunity to have a shoot here, I would wear my tribal vest; I found it appropriate seeing as the hills I was so inspired by were home to a native tribe. 

Now I finally got the opportunity to accomplish my idea not too long ago, when my friend told me that she knew a friend that had a sister that wanted to expand her portfolio. When I heard about it I was like "why not?! wouldn't hurt". So here I am modeling, while somebody takes my picture...you know no biggie. The day was so nice and the pictures came out nice in my opinion.
I remember the time I bought this vest. It was my first San Francisco thrifting experience. I believe it was my first purchase of the day too! It has a little sentimental value. When I was debating on getting it, all the workers from Buffalo Exchange were like "OMG that vest is sooo rad, I wanted it so badly". To some it didn't fit, or others had just procrastinated in picking it out from the racks. However, when I saw everyone drooling over it, I knew it had to be mine. It also made my parents FLIP when they saw it. I really don't know what it is about this vest that makes people...so weird. When my parents saw it for the first time, they questioned my sanity. They told me I was turning into a hippie, and they just ranted about how bohemian I was. I remember my mom said to me once, "DID LADY GAGA WEAR SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!? IS THAT WHY YOU WANT TO WEAR THIS?!?" and I said "NO MOM! IT IS WHO I AM GOSH!!!!". I once wanted to wear it to church and she told me 'I don't want you wearing a costume to church". I'm not going to lie, these days were one of the hardest days of my life. I was trying to express myself through my clothing and experiment, and my parents were my biggest obstacle. 
I remember the first time I wore this to school too. It was junior year, my debut year of the fashion diva of the school, I was getting off the bus (when I got off the bus it was always a catwalk, it was when I got my first stares of the day and really when I felt most self-conscious). I saw my friend Aimee and she was so almost in a cardiac arrest over my vest, but in a good way. I wore it with my moccasins, which I don't know if it was a good idea, because I got called Pocahontas all day. I liked the way the vest looked with my moccasins though, it may have been really theme-y, but I felt like it was appropriate. The vest always gets a lot of attention, but I mean it is for a good cause. 
 Here are some behind the scene shots that my friend took, while she tested her iPhone filter apps.
Abby was so nice and she said I was so photogenic *blush*. I am really happy that I finally got to do this shoot, it is one checked off from my list.

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