July 30, 2012


Midsummer days are always filled with me trying to either get out of the house or I stay in and waste my life away on the computer. Here I was hanging out with friends at Sonics. I love Sonics because I eat it once in a blue moon, but I always end up ordering so much. I took these pictures while a snuggling Asian couple looked at me, and the quirky employees warned me about the wet grass. The employees must be the weirdest people ever, and seeing them in skates doesn't help.

I'm trying so hard to start reading books again. I feel like my mind needs to be active and it needs a little brain food. I just need to really let my mind wander into something else other than reality. I used to let myself worry about the problems of the women on Desperate Housewives, but I hate how all the characters have changed and I didn't like the changes. Now I just need another escape. I have a couple of books on my list, and I'll try to tell you guys about my readings.

Zara Top, H&M Pants, vintage shoes and thrfited glasses
I really love my paradise shirt. I was initially going to wear it to the Rookie Meetup, but I already told you guys about how the weather seemed to screw me over. I feel like the shirt has some Givenchy vibes, with a combination of Altuzarra. It it perfect for just a day out and relaxing.

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