July 28, 2012

my new favorite model

Now when I first read about a fresh model, I wasn't too attracted until I read she was Mexican. You know my friend Briana always asks me about black models, and once she asked me if there were any famous Mexican models that I was proud of (I am Mexican which is why she asked). I told her I didn't really know any, which got me wondering why. I concluded that most are "too ethnic" or maybe since Latina's are usually more curvy they don't really make it in the high fashion world. So Marina Rivero, signed to Paragon Model Management, caught my eye quickly as I read she was from Mexico. The whole story changed when I saw her pictures. This girl blew me away. She has such a classic beautiful look. Her stare is so innocent and deer like. The shape of her face is interesting too. I am really interested to see how she does in the U.S. and New York. I would love to see this girl's career soar. I am really rooting she books some big designers, because she has the measurements and the walk to conquer the world.

Photos from models.com and paragonmodelmanagement.blogspot.com

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