July 11, 2012

soak up the sun

Hanging out with my friend Aimee is always tons of fun. Ever since she moved schools we don't spend as much time as we would like to, but catching up with her is always treat. We used to be a menace in school and we were the ~*StYLe iCon$*~ of our school. Always imposing those new trends and what not. After a little thrifting, we went to get some coffee and analyze the latest issue of ELLE. I wore my Day of Silence shirt that I attempted to make 2 different colors (I wanted a color blocking effect). I recently found it and noticed it was perfect for the dip dye trend that is pretty popular nowadays. Im so trendy, catch me l8tr.

Here are some of my latest summer reads. The new H&M magazine issue likes to inspire me to get a job, and the Teen Vogue Handbook is always an inspiration. I love the Teen Vogue Handbook, especially right now when I'm about to start a new life. It really motivates me to keep my goals in my mind, and to always look for an opportunity.

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