October 12, 2011

chez DIOR ♡

Senior has been very busy. Applications to fill out, homework to do, people to ignore. A lot of things have been going through my mind lately. I think I like to over-think things in order to worry and just cause more stress to myself than I should actually have. I like to go to school worrying about one thing or another. My friend and I have come up with the idea that we will die before we even get college acceptance letters. Wishing for the best!

So Fall is a little late this year, seeing as it still seems like summer. It makes it really hard for me to bring out my fall wardrobe because I don't like cooking myself in my clothes. So for about the first 4 weeks of school I wore more summery clothes. I mean you have to work with what you have right? It looks like this month should be a little cooler but it still has it's warm days. I really cannot wait to wear my knits and my faux furs because they are the best parts of Fall/Winter. I actually wore this outfit on the first Friday of the school year. I just was saving it before I posted it here. I think the time has finally come to introduce you to one of my favorite outfits of the whole year.

My inspiration was obviously from my Dior shirt. When I saw this shirt at my local Goodwill, my heart sank and I just wanted to die. It was only $3 so it was an immediate buy of course. I was so afraid that the cashier would see the label and then make me pay like $6789 for it, but see that's just me thinking negatively. I then ran home to go try it on. It is like 3x my regular size but I knew I had to make it work. 

I then wore this shirt to the fair that is held once a year in my little town. All day I kept saying things I was doing, but I would in Dior to the end of everything. "eating McDonald's...in Dior" "riding the Ferris wheel...in Dior" "petting a goat...in Dior". So when I shot this I thought of something not so glamorous to do, in such a glamorous label. It's like a satiric take on the whole concept of glamour. This also reminded me of the photoshoot they did on ANTM when they were in Norway. The girls were in nice clothes, yet they were "working on a farm". This was one of my favorite shoots and I wanted to channel it, so I got right to work.

When I started shooting and looking at the pictures I noticed that they could be taken in such a sexual manner. Especially the one above. I wasn't going to post it, but then I thought "OH fetish is so in this season though" so I kept on trying to pull of a slight fetish mood (I also really liked the way my eyebrows looked in the picture above so I had to come up with an excuse). So if you are offended my poses, I'm sorry I'm not sorry.

Dior shirt, ASOS geo shorts, UO shoes, Calvin Klein belt
I love the pants because even though they are just a bunch of geometric shapes, at times it reminds me of snake skin print, which then reminds me of Missoni and Chloe F/W 2011.

I've been thinking a lot about perfection. So many say that nobody is perfect and that we all make mistakes and have flaws. However there are also those who say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so can't perfection also be? I know a lot of individuals who are perfect in my eyes. Maybe there are those who might see me as perfect. I don't see myself as perfect, because there are a lot of things that I wish I had or did. Well, what if I have what another person wants, like they want to be like me. Aren't I perfect to them? That would make me perfect. In conclusion perfection does exist. Human perfection is harder to prove, but I mean clothes and music and anything else can easily be proven as perfect. 

This month should be a lot of fun actually. I am starting to plan my Halloween costume. I haven't actually had a real costume since like 8th grade. Seeing as Halloween actually is on a school day this year, I'm going to dress up for school. I can finally join the crowd and look amazing. Yey I'm perfect.

hello this is me..eating In n Out in Dior...well drinking but same thing

October 09, 2011


Out of all, Paris Fashion Week is one of my favorites. Most of my favorite labels show at PFW, so it's exciting to wait for it. In my opinion, the Fashion World saves the best for last when they make the whole world wait for it to come. This month in fashion has been quite exciting, and so tiring to keep up with. The collections have been so great and wonderful, but Paris slayed the others this year. Paris was impeccable and so inspiring.

My all time favorite this year was Chanel. Chanel was fresh, sophisticated, sexy, artistic, and just powerful. Every detail was mastered to perfection. Warning the words perfection, flawless, and divine WILL be overused in this review.

The models seem to flow down the runway with such grace, almost like fishes swimming in the sea. This all correlated with the fact that the show was ocean themed. The clothes were mostly all pastel, or white. There wasn't as much black as Chanel usually accustoms to have, which I'm all for, but it was so refreshing seeing something different. The square prints shown above were quite intriguing because it was so retro and sixties. I usually am not a big fan of things classified as retro because it just isn't my taste, but the way this print was taken and modernized was phenomenal.

 For those who are into the mint fad (me included) would probably love this collection just because the color was so beautifully crafted into this collection. Actually any pastel color shined in the purity of the white set. For example the iridescent pieces pictures above were perfect because they stood out, yet they went with the theme as they seem to channel fish's scales. Color was a big component of the collection, since everything was really fresh and mellow that nothing could be too much or too little.

Chanel, like many other collections this season, displayed a pastel pink trend. I believe that it's a perfect color for Spring/Summer just because it's so soft, and isn't flamboyant to where it's almost a summer clich√©. I think I like this trend a lot because I just bought a bunch of pastel pink clothes, so I can pretend that I am wearing Chanel and Givenchy. Okay I'm just going to take some time to praise the jacket pictured above (bottom right). This was my ABSOLUTE favorite piece from the show. If I had a job, I would save up to buy this jacket no matter how many meals I would have to skip in order to afford it. The color is just flawless. The material makes it look like a wonderful little pearl, and it would just be so perfect for Californian rain. Karl if you are reading this, I will sell my soul for that outfit. I am small enough to fit in it please. SEND THE SHOES AND PANTS TOO PLEASE! Zuzanna Bijoch is just so flawless that she could wear Missoni S/S 2012 and make it look good. (Im sorry I love Missoni just not their new collection, and it hurts me to review it so this is my way of letting out my feelings)


I think what I liked most about this collection was the variety that it offered. Even though collections should feature clothes that are similar in some shape or form, this collection was just so flawless that Karl could have thrown in a feathered dress it would still make some sort of sense. 

The use of the pearls in the picture above (top right) was also another favorite of mine. It was like the rebel of the show, because it showed off a tougher look with the leather jacket, but it was softened by the pearls and gave  it the sex appeal to make it erotic in a sophisticated way. The picture next to that is also an example of that I was talking about, how the pieces were so different from each other.. It resembles flowers, and you don't really see flowers in the ocean, yet it WAS STILL PERFECT! The color and it just the top's uniqueness made it so perfect and fresh. This collection was just fine, fresh, fierce in so many way.

The pieces above to me were the most sophisticated parts of the whole collection. They were so elegant, yet they were made out of such modern material that it almost made the pieces seem avant-garde. I think it was perfect, just because it made the collection that much more impressing. Seeing the way that simple, yet elegantly constructed dresses were brought to life from this mermaid wonderland in Karl's head. 

 The ending of the show was so flawless. I was so surprised when Florence popped out of a shell and started to sing "What the Water Gave Me" which was like my favorite song of the summer. He dress was so beautiful and resembled seaweed. She was perfect for the show because like many said she reminded everyone of the Little Mermaid, and I mean it just touched me in so many personal levels. 

The set was divine, and it was so elegant. It really made the show, because already from the beginning people could tell that this show was going to be like no other. I personally always like Chanel, but I always said that even though I liked Chanel, it didn't always stand out in my memory. This show was an exception, because I could not appreciate another show after watching this one. Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen were forgotten because this show captivated me so much.

The details were just so impressive. The shoes are so indescribable that they make me squeal as I type this. The way every model was transformed, because to me they were not the same models that I often worshiped. It was almost like Coco Chanel came back from the dead and blessed them all giving them this radiant glow. The aura that surrounded them was so powerful and god-like that it just had be in awe. 

The pearls on the model's faces, back, and hair was so great to see because I had done something similar back in sophomore year. My friend Aimee and I were so inspired by Gaga when she covered her face in pearls, that while backstage of a play that we were doing, we put little pearls on out faces. So sharing this moment of the show with her brought me back so many memories that are oh so dear to me. I am contemplating getting a nose piercing now, just so I can get a pearl in it.
 Saskia was also a big part of the show. She opened the show, which was a big surprise to me since Freja usually opens the show, and I loved it because she is one of my favorite models and it was great to see her in such a big position. I can only hope for her to be in the ads for this collection, hopefully along with Freja and Daphne since they seem to be Karl's favorites at the moment. 

 I am so excited to see what Karl does for this campaign. Chanel campaigns always seem to impress me and after such a flawless collection I can only hope for an equally flawless campaign to live up to the clothes. I love Fall and all, but now I can't wait for March!!!

Pictures were provided by VOGUE and Chanel.