May 25, 2012

art smock

I recently went to my friend Karinna's house, and after choosing clothes for her to wear I tried on this little top of hers. I loved the way the collar from my shirt popped out and created this school girl look. The top itself looks like an art smock, so I felt so crafty and cute. I wore it around her house for a while, and then took it off because it was too dress-like. Honestly I loved it mostly because of the pockets. The denim it was made out of was quite light, and really had the best color.
At least I have these bathroom pics as memories.

May 20, 2012

you left too soon

This post is dedicated to the rain that left before I came across this coat. I wore this coat originally on a quick trip to San Francisco, in which we attended a poetry slam. It was a show stopper to say the least. I decided on wearing it when I cam across it in my friend Murmie (née Mirium). I hyperventilated until she let me wear it. I then kept it because I knew I wanted to wear it to school. I wore it to school on a cloudy day, with a few sprinkles of rain here and there. It got me so many nice compliments. I wore it with my thrifted floral shirt, which has these beautiful blue flowers. I'll emphasize the shirt in a future post because I want to focus on the rain coat more. Excuse my right foot in the picture above, I was standing on a hill and it was defying gravity I guess.
This is obviously a couple of weeks later. My friend kept asking for the jacket back, so I had to shoot really quick. I love how it illuminates my face in a yellowish light. This day was really sunny, and I was sweating in the coat, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Murmie is jealous that everybody liked the jacket on me, and that she didn't get to wear it first.
I really like the way my face changes depending on the length of my hair. Actually, I feel like my face never looks the same. I always look really young, but I can with look fierce, derpy, or just plainly childish. I take pictures in angles that make me look the way I see myself in my mind. I mean when other people take pictures of me, I almost never like them. They really don't depict the vision I have in my mind.
My dad said I look like a banana in this coat, and I'm okay with that. I really just adore it. I think it's very classic. A yellow raincoat for a cloudy day is just such a timeless vision. It might be the color contrast, but I really like the way it makes everything more lively on a sunny day. To me it looks like the sun's aura being conveyed through a jacket. A light really does seem to follow you in this coat. I love the shape of the buttons and the pockets. It is just perfection in every aspect, and it kills me that I have to give it back (hint hint Murmie). I'm just glad I was able to wear it at least once. I felt like a variation of the Morton Salt girl.

May 11, 2012

do these overalls make me look sassy?

"You'll look like a farmer if you wear overalls", they said. What did I do to avoid looking like a farmer? I didn't do anything about it, and wore cowboy boots just for kicks and giggles. I wanted to look like a pioneer in the prairie, and I didn't care what I looked like to people. I kept saying to myself "God, forgive these ignorant souls that do not know who Alexa Chung or Leandra Medine are. Forgive them for they have sinned". I knew that these overalls would get a lot of stares, and honestly I was surprised that they got less confused looks than the time I wore a fur coat to school (my friend Karinna describes my fur coat day as my It Girl day, just because no one can top that). Now I was obviously super inspired by Alexa Chung, and I wanted to be leggy too, so I cut my overalls into little boy shorts. I honestly only wore the boots because I thought they made my legs look sexy. Now  I wasn't offended by the farmer remarks, only because I didn't mind being a cute little farmer.
The shirt I am wearing is a beautiful pale nude color. It really does look darker in person, but the lighting lighten it up. I bought the boots when I went to Berkeley, they were the only things I bought that day so they were special. I really enjoyed showing off my legs this day. I strutted with slightly more confidence while I heard the "OMG ARE THOSE OVERALLS?? NOOOO!!". Now I really hate that overalls have to be such a big deal, we all wore them!! My overalls gave me confidence when some girl said I dressed hideous. I sent her a little sassy text reminding her of her judgment in clothes. We reached an understanding...
vintage overalls, thrifted shirt and boots
My Calculus teacher recently had a conversation with me about my clothes. He said that he never knows if I am wearing $5 clothes or $500 clothes. You know sometimes I don't know either. I make my little thrift store clothes seem like they are unique in life. We then talked about when I became interested in clothing, and how I always look different. I mentioned my overalls, and he had the nerve to say they were "a little goofy". Well you know what? I got up and left the class (it may or may not have been time to leave for lunch). I really don't see how he can call me goofy when he is the definition of goofy.*sigh* math teachers...
Alexa Spam just because I was told I am the male version of her. I believed it of course because it's flattering.

May 07, 2012

Met Gala 2012

Let me just give you a list of my favorites of the night.
 Proof enough that Lana is perfect. Loved the cape, the gown, the lippy stick. 
 Honestly so cute. The F/W Marc Jacobs is styled so well in my opinion...and I heard she paired it with a bunny purse. I want red carpet pics though. Alexa Chung is always a favorite.
 Loving the witch vibes, and all the haters can hate. Team Mary-Kate.
 Karolina Kurkova in a full armor of beauty. Rachel Zoe
 The metallic seems to run off Camilla Bell so greatly. Ralph Lauren.
 Jessica Stam reminds us of the beauty of Dior.
 Even with a lobster on her dress, Anna still slays...I think the Prada lobster suits her well...such a strong creature. Bee looks beautiful Erdem.
 Bianca Brandolini had a glitz presence and I was loving it.
 SJP looked adorable, reminded me of a thrift store a good way though!!! Very antique in Valentino
 I wasn't feeling it but it grew on me. Gisele in Givenchy
 Glad to see Stella repping Chanel. Loved it. It was simple, yet it stunned you.
And last but never least, Rooney Mara in Givenchy of course.

P.S. Victoria Justice looked really adorable in McQ. Good choice, she made a great impression.
Alexa on the runway and I'm still feeling it.

I may add more as I see any that I missed. These were my favorites and I mean, I did expect some of these on this list. I liked Marc Jacobs just can't find a HQ picture. Heres a LQ picture though. He took a really daring risk.

You can see the rest of the Met Gala posse here.

May 05, 2012

holding onto home

As the seasons change emotions do too. I have been feeling quite differently lately. I look at the past and I see how everything has changed so much. I've been feeling all over the place lately, and I think it's because I am trying to hold to security. As I made up my mind to attend Marymount Manhattan College in the fall, I am really questioning everything. Do I really need to go that far to achieve my dreams? Will I be able to survive it all? You know I always knew what I wanted to do, but now I think I am literally scared. I have so many more worries, I just can't seem to write them all on here. It's really a pivotal moment in my life. The transition from child to something else is going to make me or break me.
This photoshoot was really inspired by holding onto security when life is about to change. I had been thinking about all that my parents do for me and I was really being a good appreciative child. I was thinking about how life is so much easier when you have everything handed to you. It really just goes back to the Neverland, "never growing up" theme. I mean this feeling comes and goes because my parents usually annoy me most of the as I type this to be honest. However let's just keep in mind that when I took these pictures, I loved my parents oh so much.
When I took these pictures, it was such a beautiful sunny day. We hadn't really seen anything like it in California for a while. I really just wanted to be barefoot all day. I wanted to wear an oversized shirt, because I wanted to feel the wind blowing it against my skin. I was barefoot for most of the time because the sandals that I wore were way too tight on me (they were given to me like 3 years ago). They were like hurting my feet so I had to liberate them.
 I really like how everything looks so smooth in this picture.
 Dior shirt, H&M pants
I wanted a crisp, simple look; something that felt comfortably chic.
I love the cover of i-D Summer 2012. Julia looks precious, and everything is so maternal and homey. I just really wish I could be the baby in that womb.