September 06, 2011

La Chanson de la Sirène

Summer comes to an end, and then we have that awkward moment in time where it's not really fall yet, but it's not summer anymore (well if you just consider summer the time you have off school). Besides the fact that the last few days of summer were stressful for me, considering school was around the corner (well even more than that actually) and I wasn't 100% prepared to enter my senior year. Things felt odd. Being a senior, and having every upperclassmen from my years of high school message me and tell me "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE GONNA BE A SENIOR ALREADY", was really...just bizarre. 

I'm sitting in bed, thinking of what to expect out of this year. I want to do so many things, yet I have so little spare time to do so. I have school (with 4 AP classes), homework (for 4 AP classes), this blog, and I wanted to either work or do drama again. Before the year even started I decided to skip the first show of this year. I wanted to get a job, and it would be impossible to get a job and then juggle the rest of my duties and life. I didn't want to commit to drama, and I didn't want to do drama without being committed to it 100% (wow why am I statistical?).

Besides the fact that I have to worry about college a lot more this year, I am really looking forward to this final year. I love my schedule, and I really am excited to be in all my classes. Psychology and AP Government sound like they will be great to let out my ideas and emotions in the morning. Then I have AP Calculus, which just really stresses me about how much I know about math. After, I have AP French with my new FRENCH teacher from FRANCE! (shout out to you Mme. S!!!) Then I conclude the day with Anatomy and AP Literature. It's going to be a lot of work, but I'm sure I will enjoy it!

The first day of school I decided to wear something that really stood out, but going through my closet nothing really seemed interesting enough. I put a bunch of things together and I got this. I thought the outfit was simple, yet it was very different. The colors were a great way to stand out without looking like a neon sign, and my handmade necklace completed the whole look . I really like how I have so much "tension" in my face.

Thrifted shirt, H&M pants, mermaid necklace made by me

Off topic, but I am pretty sure this was the day I got hit on by some freshman at my school. Ok just to clear things up. Telling me, "I love your style" or "I love your clothes" isn't a very good pickup line. I feel like you are only looking at my clothes and not...well me. I really don't know what I am trying to say here, but even though my clothes are a representation of my individuality, don't assume that I will take you seriously if you use my clothes as a way to get closer to me...especially if you're a freshman... mwahahahaha. (Notice how being a senior has gotten to my head)

Now that we are on the topic I want to address the idea of fashion + love. When I read magazines I always see that guys don't like the clothes that we fashion people like (harem pants, loose shirts, oversized sweaters) and it irks me because society has created this idea of sexiness and it sucks to be DISCRIMINATED against for looking good. I mean yeah there's that cheesy saying that says "oh well someone will love you no matter what you look like" but sometimes I wonder why should we try to look good for other "non-fashion" people if they really don't appreciate what we give them. How can you get someone's attention if one day you look "normal" and the other you are channeling a skeleton. I personally rather be single. I am really unpredictable and restless and I will only settle for someone that doesn't want to tame me. But I still wonder, are there any people out there who are turned on by the eccentric and avant garde fashion?..I mean people who aren't into fashion. Or is every risk taker doomed to a lonely single life. I would really love to get someone's opinion on this...someone like Tavi.

When I made this necklace I wanted to be able to compliment the mermaid charm I got at an antique store, but still make the charm the major focus. When I used the green beads, I thought about balance. I think it's because it reminded me of that scene in Mulan where the grandma tells her to wear "beads of jade for beauty", and to me these signified balance. I am really obsessed with balance in life and fashion, just as much as I am obsessed with things being proportional. To me the mermaid is a creature with such grace and power; which to me are balanced characteristics. I really think that it was more of a good luck charm for the first day of school. Plus, it really made the outfit stand out even more.

This picture was important because it shows me in my meditation mode.

I am like the angry Ariel.

Thrifted boots.

Again with the tension in my face. Why am I so awkward when it come to people taking pictures of me. My bffl Karinna took this. She was dying because she's into the whole pastel look, and well this was like her favorite. She took it while everyone awkwardly ate lunch on the first day of school.




Isabel Lucas at Coachella 2011 was my #1 inspiration for this look.

This is such a great start to the Fall season...well you can consider it Pre-Fall, but to me it's fall. Next week should be interesting with NYFW coming up. I'm going to try to review my favorite collections as the shows start all over the world. I love September! WHICH REMINDS ME!!!!!

I just want to thank Paris from W for sending me my September Issue of W through express mail!!! I had a problem with my magazines this month (which you can probably see how much I freak out over them if you follow my twitter!). I was supposed to wait 6-8 weeks for this to come in, but I am so happy it came in today, because it made my day better. I also love that it came after I had a meltdown at the grocery store when I saw it. I also love how it came perfectly untouched (no scratches, tears, or bends). So a big kiss and shout out to Paris, may the Fashion Gods bless you.


  1. you look stunning in this shirt :)

  2. I love the colour of your top. Cute look. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  3. you will find the perfect guy for you and he will love the way you look

  4. love the mermaid ish theme. cute and fashionable approach

  5. I love your black boots! Im sure that you always get the perfect look!
    hugs and kisses.

  6. i love the necklace and the mermaid references. little mermaid for life!

    Check me out!