August 31, 2011

Until we meet again...

 Another summer goes by. My last summer as a high school student. My last months before college starts and I begin the next chapter. Before I continue with the sentimental things (and the cliché sentences), I would like to show you my last week of the Summer of '11. 

So my last week of  summer was supposed to be dedicated to the summer homework I didn't do the whole summer, but instead I did more things in one week then I did most of my summer. I first visited my local Catholic church (expecting it to be open, like in the movies where you can walk in whenever you want), but it wasn't open so I just went to the Lady of Guadalupe altar. It took me like 15 matches to be able to light one of the candles there. People parked near the altar where just busy looking at me waste the matches someone left for the community to use.

You know not many kids go to the altar during summer, I even doubt they go during school. (Well maybe the overachievers so they can pass their tests, but usually those are atheist and believe in science.)

The summer assassins that usually don't do much if you just throw them under your bed.

Here were the rare times I tried to annotate. I think this was taken on the Wednesday before school started. I was on page 37...

I really rather not discuss this annotation business, so I'll leave you with a quote from 1984.

That Friday I went to Niles, which is a little street in the nearby town that has a variety of antique stores. They sell from clothes, to furniture, to Nazi memorabilia. The only thing is that most of the things are really expensive (like the Miss Dior Cherie perfume bottle, EMPTY, for $6). My friend Jessenia was on the look out for a birthday present for her mom. She ended up buying some really nice rings and necklaces.

Some of the stores were marvelous (like Thyme for Tea), but others I hated (like the one that gave me a sassy look). You can really find anything your little heart desires at these antique stores. Some stuff that is so old and the modern version is worth more than the antique version (fur coats). If you have a couple of bucks to spare for some cool decoration then this is the perfect place.

This was my least favorite store because of the treatment to their customers, (aka me who got in trouble for taking this picture. lady if you don't want pictures then put up a sign or tell me WHEN YOU SEE ME HOLDING A CAMERA) but it was beautiful. It had a very nice 20's and 50's theme. There were also all these roses spread out on the furniture. I only got through 1/4 of the store when I was offended by her tone and decided to leave.

H&M shirt, shorts are thrifted.

shoes are thrifted, I call them my sunday old man shoes. The were probably some old man's sunday shoes.

Necklace F21. I really like looking at the deep blues when the sun hits them.

I tried to look kind of casual for this whole trip since I was going to be walking around a bunch of place, and then taking like 256 buses. So I dressed up like my version of a tourist, and I went around touring my neighborhood. I had loads of fun this day, and I later went back that Sunday to buy a pendant for a necklace.

The next part of my summer was spent watching the greatest show known to the man... or woman. Anyways, I started watching this show over from the beginning. I finished about 3 seasons and I really ended up wasting good annotating time. This show isn't for the immature, just because of the sex scenes, but if you look past that the show just makes you laugh (I never laugh when watching T.V. or a movie, I'm just heartless like that and don't find anything funny, except for this show though). My favorite character is Carrie (of course), but I ADORE Samantha's humor. She can basically say anything and it will have me rolling.

Another thing I did this last week was go and help the incoming Freshmen learn the secrets to high school and get acquainted with the school and it's policies. It's this group called Link Crew, and it was my first year participating in it. I really enjoyed it, but I enjoyed standing out from the crowd the most. We were given a boring shirt to wear the day of the Freshman orientation, and not only did I cut it (too much actually that I had to make completely new seams), but I painted it with acrylic paint. My group's theme was jungle/safari so I painted some of it cheetah print.

Everyone really seemed to love it, and they just loved how different it was. I mean there were some people who painted little names and paw prints on their shirt (or my friend Marissa, who was in my group, who did cheetah print, but a bigger less intricate version), but my was something completely different. Not only did the bottom half get really hard it also reeked of the paint fumes. So I was probably ditsy that whole day because I was exposed to toxic fumes the whole day.

Our theme: Jungle Fever (inspired by Watch the Throne)

As you may have noticed, I cut my hair for back to school. I cut the bottom half of the sides really short and then pointed it at the back. So it is like a mohawk but it really can't compare.

I also went to Goodwill and made the biggest, bestest discovery of my life. A CHRISTIAN DIOR SHIRT (most likely Hommes). It was just so beautiful that I had to have it (I would have been super stupid if I didn't want it because it was only $3). I don't want to post the shirt yet because I want it to make it's debut when I make an outfit post with it.

I now also present you to the pride and joy of my summer (well I took this the 2nd day of school, but I was still in summer thoughts so it counts). I got a new phone this summer. A beautiful little Blackberry Curve. I just enjoyed it even more, because I didn't have a phone for a week since my old phone broke. I didn't really miss my phone until I got my Blackberry and I don't know how I survived a week. Also this is the September issue of Vogue, which I waited forever for my last week of school. I finally gave up and bought it, because obviously Conde Nast doesn't want to deliver it to my house. I really hope I get it sometime, because I want to have a copy I can rip and cut up.

Now, I leave you with this rose bush with a promise. YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO LOVE MY SEPTEMBER POSTS. I have some ideas for what posts to do (like about 3-4), but I'm sure I will only end up doing maybe 2-3. They are all really cool, and I am so excited to share with you guys.

This next month I start the Fall season on this blog, so it is the best because I have been really inspired and I just have so many ideas. Also what is exciting is that every post has something very special to me; either because I made it or because it is one of my favorite pieces from my closet. September-November should be full of different things, that I haven't put on this blog. The whole ideas and inspirations really play a different role, and go in a different direction than my summer posts. So, if you hated prepare to eat your heart out.

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