August 04, 2011

World's Queen Guinness

Summer has trapped me in it's fists. It has absorbed my time, and consumed my life. I am about ready to continue to my quotidian schedule once again.

Every night I go on Twitter and just go through all of the days tweets, and there is always someone that I pay close attention to. Daphne Guinness to me, takes the most beautiful TwitPics this world has seen. The angles of her pictures depict her as an angel. They are all so glamorous, and without fail leave you impressed. I find myself going to sleep to such a beauty, she is living breathing art.

Not only is she one of  the most spectacular women in fashion, but she is also such an inspiration to me. Every picture she takes is magical and wonderful. I always wonder to myself: "Is it impossible for her to take a bad picture?". I see no flaws in her pictures and that is what fascinates me.

I don't believe in perfection, but I do admire people who make themselves seem perfect. I think that is when someone can be classified as glamorous, when they defy their flaws and deceive the public into only seeing a perfect being. The way the camera catches her beauty is also magnificent, it almost surreal like if it was a dream. The dream is so perfect, like a fairy tale story.

As much as I love my rebel and punky clothes, and I love darker clothing, I also love the nicer, classier looks. To me it is very ironic because they are two completely different sides of fashion. Daphne Guinness defies those barriers and is able to look classy, and yet not look boring or simple. Avant garde can sometimes come off as too much or to some people "tacky", but I have never seen an instant of tackiness from Daphne, which is why she captivates me so much.

I can only dream of being like her later on in life, because I feel like no one can ever reach her throne. This year for the Met Gala she changed in a window display outside of Barney's. After watching the video countless times, I was in an indescribable trance. Her timidness was so adorable, and yet she still was able to execute the most wonderful and dramatic fashion display of the night, besides the Alexander McQueen display.

Her beauty is beyond any description of beauty. Her makeup is always perfect, while her hair always seems to be an architecture of such astonishing grace. It seems so intricate and so detailed, that it almost seems like she was born with the makeup and it is just a natural effect. Her eyes pierce your soul and bring your attention to her. Her lips seduce your mind, and captivate you into admiring every breath she takes.

I sometimes wonder how she continues to come up with such wonderful things to wear. It's as if her mind is fashionably infinite, and never seems to run out of ideas. Any piece of clothing she wears is always something marvelous, and she never seems to disappoint. Everything she wears is unique, and she carries it with such class and elegance that it seems impossible for anyone else to do.

Empress full of grace, Queen you are with us. 

All these pictures were taken from her Twitter account. I follow it religiously in hopes to continue to be inspired by her. I have taken up a new goal. I am going to take a picture of myself every night before going to bed, in order for the camera to create an illusion of perfection, like the one Daphne Guinness has perfected perfectly.

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