August 23, 2012

paint away

So I had originally made plans to go to the beach with my friends. I knew I was going to have a little shoot for a post, but my plans got washed away. My friend suggested we go into the city, and I didn't have a problem with that since I needed to go get my watercolor supplies. So that was the first thing we did, and I was so happy to find everything in the store for so much cheaper than online. I really don't understand how that works out, but it did. I really wanted to start watercoloring because I just felt like I needed another creative outlet. I use this blog mostly for creative reasons, but sometimes I don't want to post so much because I feel like it would be so obnoxious to talk about me wearing clothes ALL THE TIME. I really also don't like the idea of having so many of my outfits on the internet. I decided to do watercoloring because I felt like it would be easier for me. I've tried acrylics and oils before, and I just feel like it takes so much color combining to get a specific color. I was just really attracted to watercoloring, it may be because I see so many beautiful watercolor pieces that are so abstract. I love that because I'm not a realistic person when it comes to drawing or doodling. I often just do a lot of different things and I'm satisfied with it. My drawing skills are not comparable to Leonardo Da Vinci (fact: I almost typed Leonardo DiCaprio which is semi accurate if you consider 'his" drawings in Titanic), to be blunt I'm not too good. Yet I see so many watercolor pieces that include drawings that aren't perfect, but the doodle effect that they portray makes sense. I just feel like watercolor can be so simple, yet when you include the color you create so many different emotions.

I think emotions are another reason I chose watercolors. I sometimes go through really strong emotions, and I don't know how to let them out. I've always envied people who could write, draw, or sing because I feel like they can do somethings so passionate with their emotions to create beautiful works of art. I've tried a lot of things to express my emotions, and most things just don't seem right sometimes. I mean fashion is something I use to express myself, but there's only SO MUCH you can do with fashion. That's why I wanted to take up something else, because I think it's so important to have more than one hobby. Watercolor pieces to me are so beautiful. I really like the way the paint and water come together to almost dance across the pages, using the brush as a guide. It's not like most paints that stay a certain color, watercolors change over time. When you put them on the paper, they seem so much darker and restless, yet as they dry they seem to settle down and lighten up in color. I just thought it was also romantic, yet the way the paint sometimes spills across the lines of a drawing is almost tragic and beautiful at the same time. I just really feel like I can put so many emotions into watercoloring, so it makes sense that I use something that portrays so many emotions to me.
I tried to take pictures in front of the gates of Maiden Lane, which is so beautiful to me. The Gates of Maiden Lane set aside an alley full of wonderful treasures. Maiden Lane is home to Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Prada, and so much more. It's almost like the gates of a palace. I also loved the way you could see the beautiful pillar/statue of Union Square. Of course the San Francisco fog wan't helping me take pictures. The pictures came our really foggy, but I liked the way they they make everything seem a little sad and mysterious. It reminds me of the old pictures you see of people in the city, it's a lot of nostalgia I guess.
Zara shirt, H&M pants, thrifted red shoes, thrifted bag
When I first saw this shirt, I fell in love with it. We first met at the Zara store in SF. I loved the scarf attached to it, and it just looked really chic. I didn't end up buying it until I saw it on sale online. I love wearing it, especially in the city. I love how it blows in the wind, and I love covering my face and feeling like I'm in a Middle Eastern desert.
I saw this wonderful Amy Winehouse memorial on Haight. They have a lot of these dedicated to artists who have passed away. I always wanted to take a picture, but there are always people around, but I finally got my chance. There is a plant in the middle, which I like because to me it symbolizes a phoenix rising from the ashes.
Here is my first attempt at watercoloring, I really liked the way the paper I used to sample the colors turned out. It reminded me of lipstick smudges on a napkin. The colors look really good together. I was trying to find the perfect shade of red.
Here's my first piece. I have always been obsessed with teeth and lips. I already knew that I was going to paint this even before I bought my paints. I just really wanted to do it, and I liked the way it turned out. I love the combination of white, black, and red. I am going to post more of my pieces, just to show you guys what I am working on...and so we have something more to converse about.

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