February 29, 2012

ended love affair

Now, so this was how I spent my Valentines day. These pictures were supposed to be up a long time ago, but I just never had the time to edit and choose which would make the cut...blah blah blah blah boring blogger problems....anyways here they are...on the last day of February...which I got an extra day considering it is leap year...day...today.

You know I really disliked the idea of hating Valentines day this year. I really don't know why since I barely have time to socialize...GOD FORBID find a Valentine. So the great debate was what I was going to wear on Valentines Day. I had told my friend Karinna that I was going to dress in all black  with her that day, but when I woke up I just wasn't feeling it. So I took a risk (my biggest worry was looking cliche and then people thinking I was dressed up for somebody), and wore pink and white...ON VALENTINES DAY. I feel all my fellow downers just stoning me already.
 My friend Mrrm surprised me with this beautiful arrangement of fake flowers, chocolates, and a physics note sheet, covered in play-doh with words in French. Yonnelle was the first to point out that it was incorrect French for "Victor be mine"...you know, French natives always pointing out your French mistakes. But what was I going to do...it was wonderful. I am so happy she remembered orchids are my favorite flowers.
 This picture was taken at lunch, when we all got together to have some of Jessica's orange rolls (which are like cinnamon rolls with orange icing). Karinna is missing in the picture because she was wearing all black and didn't want to stand out.
 Jess and I had to take a picture together considering we were matching with pale pinks AND since were both wearing clothes we picked out for each other...and forced each other to buy. I am so glad made me buy that cream blazer, because it is really a blessing. Now I was asked a lot of things that day including (but not limited to):
  • "omg who are you dressed up for?"
  • "aww look at you"
  • "why are you dressed like a rich person"
but the most interesting comment was...
  • "why do you cut up shirts and then use only small parts of them???"
WELL AHA! Finally a question I am willing to answer. I explained to my friends my new pieces before, so I knew the answer to this right off the bat. I am really into illusions lately, maybe because we are learning about them in anatomy and psychology at the same time, so my new goal in life is to trick people into thinking I am wearing a collared shirt, or a long sleeved button up shirt...when I am actually not. (you can refer to my cuff bracelets below or my collars) So I just wear parts of shirts and make it look like I'm wearing the shirt you believe me to be wearing...but I am actually NOT! HA! It's all part of my goal to mess with people's heads until I drive them crazy.
 Cuff bracelets made by me, thrifted faux fur collar, thrifted fox ring
 Because this reminded me of Jessica's hair.
Now I put these .gifs in this post for a reason. Since everyone thought I looked so glamorous, I had to confess I was inspired by Versace Couture by rubbing some glam onto me. I mean just by Karlie Kloss towering, looking divine while she makes her way down the steps, you can tell it is going to be a good show...and then it all gets better when Lindsey Wixson just poses so dramatically fierce-like. It was a really good show, with really good clotes, and a lot of SPUNK. I would wear Versace Couture to prom if I could.

I love the music and the sound of the cameras flashing...so beautiful...so glamorous. 

February 27, 2012

ode to nails

This is just a little post for my new found obsession with long catty nails. My new years resolution this year was to quit my habit of biting my nails. I am so happy with myself for keeping with my resolution. These are pictures of my nails on my walk back home from painting. I honestly love having long nails. I'm trying to see how long they will grow before the bug the crap out of me.
The Queen of long cat nails is my girl Lana Del Rey.
THIS PICTURE. It appears in my thoughts and in my dreams. This is the definitions of beautiful posing with long nails. This is what the whole post tributes. I often catch myself holding up to fingers to see if I look as good as Lana yet.
Cherry Blossom season
 Can I just bring it to everyone's attention how much I love my studded leather bracelet. I think it adds a nice touch to a lot of my outfits. I sometimes even forget to take it off.
 My headphones looked so warm and cozy in my pocket.
H&M Sweater, thrifted denim shirt, thrifted bracelet
And on windy days, I like to sit back, open my front door and take pictures of myself. Narcissism to the maximum. I'm so ashamed to show my narcissism in public though, so every now and then I made sure that no one was watching me take pictures of myself.

By the time you read this...I had to cut my nails. It was the worst experience ever. I felt like I had chopped off my fingers. However I ended my nail biting habit. Now to get rid of other bad habits.

R.I.P. Nails

February 21, 2012

Proenza Schooled You

Let's take a minute and appreciate all my NYFW posts and their gimmicky titles. Amen.

I was really excited for Proenza this season, because I had been doing some research and going through their past collections. It built up a lot of hype for me and I wasn't disappointed. Now the jackets were really well constructed and remind me of my jackets in the sense of shape. I often buy women's XL jackets, just because I love the way they look on me. So these big bomber jackets in the collection really got me thinking of myself. Now the Proenza Schouler woman next season is in a hurry. She is at times messy in a chic way, and other times she wears a couple of pieces that still make her stand out. Here are my favorite pieces:
I would like to direct everyone's attention to the beautiful black boots on the model's feet. They are so cool and slick, and just seem magical to walk in. As much as I love the off-white, white, and black and in the collection I also like the vibrant use of colors. I think they are bright colors that are sure to stand out in the murky days of fall and winter, yet they aren't too bright that make you think of spring and have you wishing you were in a warmer season. I find the colors really crisp and stylish. I also really adore the collars of the shirts. I might have to continue my collar craving to the end of this year.
This collection was all about texture. From the smoothness of the jackets, the slippery-satin-ish cloth,  the caged mesh, the jewel-like embellished skirts, and to the quilted tops Jack and Lazaro really made the clothes stand out with the different textures.  I really like the quilted pieces with the peacock print on the front since the colors are luminescent like the feathers of a peacock.
However the deer skin accessories slayed my soul. I have a fascination with deer so I was so excited to see the beautiful caramel fur with the wintry, snow spots. I mean it is a little ironic that I'm praising accessories made out of my favorite animal, but I mean it's really so different from other accessories coming out. It all correlates with the animal printed pieces.

Photos provided by VOGUE.

February 20, 2012

Alexander Wowow

I think Alexander Wang's show was the most remarkable and talked about. His inclusion of big models like Shalom, Karolina, and Gisele in the show made headlines. The fact that these models made a return to NYFW in his show really showed how influential Alexander has become in the American industry. Now not only were the models great, but the clothes were heartbreaking in a good way.  He really took a different turn with this collection and made it very minimalistic in color, unlike his last collections which was very vibrant in print. My favorites looks were:
The leather outerwear was so slick. It reminded me of oil and propane. The way it shined in the lighting was really quite beautiful. It made me think of Saudi Arabia, and just envisioned oil running down the runway in shapes of chic excellence. I am so happy that Wang used mesh in this collection again. I love the way he styled it for the runway too. I mean I believe they are supposed to be mesh turtle necks, but he created this slick face-mask shirt that really has me envious. I love that every piece is so different. Some coats have a different texture, color, button placement, and cut. I love the use of the mid-bicep gloves that make everything look elegant, along with the tasseled pieces that make me think of the Great Gatsby-ian era. Wang just created something so different and innovated with this collection. Everything just flows so gracefully. My Literature teacher always says that poems don't flow, but if this collection were a poem...it would still flow.

February 18, 2012

The Row of Dreams

The Row has once again caught my attention and had me vividly dreaming of it's beautiful clothes. Let it be noted that I am still not over their last collection, so the fact that this one has also impressed me has me making outfits from both collections for my dream life. I know am in this awkward phase where I am dreaming of mixing Spring and Winter clothes. I'm perfectly fine with it however, seeing as The Row creates collections that make you want wear them year round.

Here are my favorite looks from the most recent collection of the Olsen Twins.

Let's take the time to admire the beautiful fur coats, and the dress. I mean I'm sure that the fur dress has been done before, but this piece is so beautiful. The creamy off-white fur is so alluring. I think the color goes so well against the skin, and I love the sheer back that is incorporated throughout the collection. I love the length of the two fur coats. Not only are the colors just remarkably stunning, I love the way the coats have this length that takes up about 75% of your body, but doesn't really drown the body in fur. The cut of the second fur coat really caught my eye. It's like and elegant loincloth-coat. It really creates this original shape that really catches the eye of the beholder.
I really love the neutrals colors in the collection. It really brings me these sandy vibes, which ironically go well with the sandals. The colors are so refreshing, and it could be the fact that I'm just obsessed with neutrals at the moment. It makes me happy that I will still see neutral colors next season. Now let's talk about my favorite accessory of NYFW. THE ROW FANNY PACK. I would be able to look so effortlessly chic while walking around town with my leather fanny pack. No need to carry big bags, or fill your pockets with stuff, when you conveniently have a rosy-nude leather pouch. I just planned so many outfits that I would wear to different places, just based around this fanny pack. The first that came to mind was making my long awaited trip to the zoo, with a satiric kangaroo inspired outfit. I make my self so emotional with my ideas.
Sheer clothing is my weakness in life. The Olsen Twins really perfected sheer by making it so elegant. You always run the risk of looking vulgar with sheer, however it is incorporated in such a beautiful manner in this collection. The cuts of the creamy sheer pieces are so nostalgic, and look like they flow so gracefully when you walk.

I'm content that the Olsens have managed to become such respected designers. They really are the future of American fashion. I was reading an article the other day, and it talked about how all the powerhouse designers were so late and age, and how there was a fear that the American Fashion Industry would be affected when they stopped designing. I however have no fear, because The Row is here. I really think that The Row is going to expand into such a powerful position in the years to come.

Photos provided by VOGUE.