February 20, 2012

Alexander Wowow

I think Alexander Wang's show was the most remarkable and talked about. His inclusion of big models like Shalom, Karolina, and Gisele in the show made headlines. The fact that these models made a return to NYFW in his show really showed how influential Alexander has become in the American industry. Now not only were the models great, but the clothes were heartbreaking in a good way.  He really took a different turn with this collection and made it very minimalistic in color, unlike his last collections which was very vibrant in print. My favorites looks were:
The leather outerwear was so slick. It reminded me of oil and propane. The way it shined in the lighting was really quite beautiful. It made me think of Saudi Arabia, and just envisioned oil running down the runway in shapes of chic excellence. I am so happy that Wang used mesh in this collection again. I love the way he styled it for the runway too. I mean I believe they are supposed to be mesh turtle necks, but he created this slick face-mask shirt that really has me envious. I love that every piece is so different. Some coats have a different texture, color, button placement, and cut. I love the use of the mid-bicep gloves that make everything look elegant, along with the tasseled pieces that make me think of the Great Gatsby-ian era. Wang just created something so different and innovated with this collection. Everything just flows so gracefully. My Literature teacher always says that poems don't flow, but if this collection were a poem...it would still flow.

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