February 03, 2012

Pastel Brunch

Recently I attended a Brunch which I decided to go more traditional, and wear nice pastels to (This was back in January, but I wanted to save it for later due to that I was looking for more inspiration, and I thought it would be perfect to start off the month of December with). I have really fallen for the pastel trend this season. I see a big difference in my outfits compared to last year's outfits around this time. 

So a little of catch up time first. February for me is usually nothing special. It is filled with the cliche Valentines Day celebrations, which I usually don't mind. I'm just a busy person and find myself to me quite complicated for a relationship at the moment. I really only like the day AFTER Valentines Day because all the chocolate is cheaper and I am able to indulge without having to go broke. Plus February is a Fashion MONTH, so I'm too busy keeping up everyday to even think about what I'm going to give my Valentine, if I happen to have one which is rare. February this year should be very inspirational. I'm working on a couple of cool projects that I can't wait to show you. 

H&M coat, Dior shirt, grandma's necklace
This whole post was pretty much inspired by Karl Lagerfeld's new cat, Choupette. I mean look at how innocent and cute it looks. It is pretty much the classiest cat to have ever existed in the history of cats. This is like the Queen of all cats here. It's a CHANEL cat. I love Karl's bathroom. The Kaiser shows of a beautiful bouquet of roses that just make the whole picture so serene and effortlessly beautiful.
This was a little tribute to me, seeing as whenever I go jogging with my family, I always look like I'm dressed for something pretty important. I mean I jog and walk faster when you think of life as a fashion show.
I just wanted to point out how proud I am of Allison Harvard. She was my favorite contestant in ANTM, and now she is walking in New York Fashion Week and even covering WeTheUrban's first printed issue. I mean she's the only model from the show that I know actually did something with her modeling career. I feel like I might be wrong, but Allison had such a cult following that she was really the only important one. Her latest appearance in ANTM All Stars was such a disappointment since she wasn't allowed to succeed and it seemed like the show was making her fail. She serisously has a lot of modeling talent, and the show went for a new direction and made everything seem like they were trying to see who could be like the Kardashians (I mean they made them SING and do a lot TV personality stuff that just wasn't what a fashion model did). I was upset she didn't win, but that is ok because she is doing fine, and her career is actually going somewhere. She recently favorited a tweet I sent to her, so she had me cheering like a fan girl. I tried to conceal my emotions from her, in order to avoid looking slightly creepy.
I'm also EXTREMELY proud of Lana Del Rey. Her debut album recently debuted at #1 on iTunes. Many say she debuted higher than Rihanna, and other artists. She is really talented, and I am so proud that her album is just pure magic. She is extremely poetic and just speaks to your soul. Her new cover on Vogue UK is really nice in my opinion. She is wearing Louis Vuitton, which is already a dear favorite, and she looks so soft with the pastels, yet really fierce with the long nails. I am really considering buying this issue, and just waiting for American Vogue to put her on the cover.
Givenchy Couture this season was perfect. I'm sure you have all seen it by now, so I'm not going to explain what has already been seen countless amount of times. I really like how Tisci took the nose rings and jewelry to the next level, compared to the men's show which also featured the nose ring. It made me really admire my grandmother's necklace more because it reminds me of Givenchy's metal accessories. 

I have a big feeling that this month will go by so fast, and March seems just around the corner. I will hope I have the time to do all I want to do for this month in time. I know that by the end of the month I will be quite content with all my monthly accomplishments. 

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  1. I love all the fabulous pink flowers and those giant silver earrings! =)