February 21, 2012

Proenza Schooled You

Let's take a minute and appreciate all my NYFW posts and their gimmicky titles. Amen.

I was really excited for Proenza this season, because I had been doing some research and going through their past collections. It built up a lot of hype for me and I wasn't disappointed. Now the jackets were really well constructed and remind me of my jackets in the sense of shape. I often buy women's XL jackets, just because I love the way they look on me. So these big bomber jackets in the collection really got me thinking of myself. Now the Proenza Schouler woman next season is in a hurry. She is at times messy in a chic way, and other times she wears a couple of pieces that still make her stand out. Here are my favorite pieces:
I would like to direct everyone's attention to the beautiful black boots on the model's feet. They are so cool and slick, and just seem magical to walk in. As much as I love the off-white, white, and black and in the collection I also like the vibrant use of colors. I think they are bright colors that are sure to stand out in the murky days of fall and winter, yet they aren't too bright that make you think of spring and have you wishing you were in a warmer season. I find the colors really crisp and stylish. I also really adore the collars of the shirts. I might have to continue my collar craving to the end of this year.
This collection was all about texture. From the smoothness of the jackets, the slippery-satin-ish cloth,  the caged mesh, the jewel-like embellished skirts, and to the quilted tops Jack and Lazaro really made the clothes stand out with the different textures.  I really like the quilted pieces with the peacock print on the front since the colors are luminescent like the feathers of a peacock.
However the deer skin accessories slayed my soul. I have a fascination with deer so I was so excited to see the beautiful caramel fur with the wintry, snow spots. I mean it is a little ironic that I'm praising accessories made out of my favorite animal, but I mean it's really so different from other accessories coming out. It all correlates with the animal printed pieces.

Photos provided by VOGUE.

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