February 29, 2012

ended love affair

Now, so this was how I spent my Valentines day. These pictures were supposed to be up a long time ago, but I just never had the time to edit and choose which would make the cut...blah blah blah blah boring blogger problems....anyways here they are...on the last day of February...which I got an extra day considering it is leap year...day...today.

You know I really disliked the idea of hating Valentines day this year. I really don't know why since I barely have time to socialize...GOD FORBID find a Valentine. So the great debate was what I was going to wear on Valentines Day. I had told my friend Karinna that I was going to dress in all black  with her that day, but when I woke up I just wasn't feeling it. So I took a risk (my biggest worry was looking cliche and then people thinking I was dressed up for somebody), and wore pink and white...ON VALENTINES DAY. I feel all my fellow downers just stoning me already.
 My friend Mrrm surprised me with this beautiful arrangement of fake flowers, chocolates, and a physics note sheet, covered in play-doh with words in French. Yonnelle was the first to point out that it was incorrect French for "Victor be mine"...you know, French natives always pointing out your French mistakes. But what was I going to do...it was wonderful. I am so happy she remembered orchids are my favorite flowers.
 This picture was taken at lunch, when we all got together to have some of Jessica's orange rolls (which are like cinnamon rolls with orange icing). Karinna is missing in the picture because she was wearing all black and didn't want to stand out.
 Jess and I had to take a picture together considering we were matching with pale pinks AND since were both wearing clothes we picked out for each other...and forced each other to buy. I am so glad made me buy that cream blazer, because it is really a blessing. Now I was asked a lot of things that day including (but not limited to):
  • "omg who are you dressed up for?"
  • "aww look at you"
  • "why are you dressed like a rich person"
but the most interesting comment was...
  • "why do you cut up shirts and then use only small parts of them???"
WELL AHA! Finally a question I am willing to answer. I explained to my friends my new pieces before, so I knew the answer to this right off the bat. I am really into illusions lately, maybe because we are learning about them in anatomy and psychology at the same time, so my new goal in life is to trick people into thinking I am wearing a collared shirt, or a long sleeved button up shirt...when I am actually not. (you can refer to my cuff bracelets below or my collars) So I just wear parts of shirts and make it look like I'm wearing the shirt you believe me to be wearing...but I am actually NOT! HA! It's all part of my goal to mess with people's heads until I drive them crazy.
 Cuff bracelets made by me, thrifted faux fur collar, thrifted fox ring
 Because this reminded me of Jessica's hair.
Now I put these .gifs in this post for a reason. Since everyone thought I looked so glamorous, I had to confess I was inspired by Versace Couture by rubbing some glam onto me. I mean just by Karlie Kloss towering, looking divine while she makes her way down the steps, you can tell it is going to be a good show...and then it all gets better when Lindsey Wixson just poses so dramatically fierce-like. It was a really good show, with really good clotes, and a lot of SPUNK. I would wear Versace Couture to prom if I could.

I love the music and the sound of the cameras flashing...so beautiful...so glamorous. 

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