March 07, 2012


I recently had the BEST San Francisco trip with my friends. Jessica, Kelsey, Karinna, and I (Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, and Carrie) all went to SF to celebrate Karinna's birthday. Karinna loves SF so it was only just that we spend the day doing stuff she loved to do. Which is shopping and hanging out with friends in San Francisco. 

I got up super early to take pictures of myself.
H&M jacket, stripe knit shirt gifted by Kelsey, collar made by me, shoes are vintage
When making my collar I wanted to recreate the beautiful sparkle effect of Miu Miu's sparkle booties. So this was my attempt. Out of all the collars I have made, this is my favorite.

I decided to really take seriously the SATC vibes, and go for a NYC city-walking outfit. I looked like I had somewhere to go, and I obviously had to look good going places. There was so much we had to do, and I mean I wanted to be taken seriously, and to do so you have to dress seriously.

Our first stop of the day was Amoeba! I usually don't really go into music stores, since my taste in music consists of a handful of artists and all of their songs. I also only buy physical albums when I really am crazy for the artist/band. I however found this note on this Lily Allen album so funny. (Note: all the other albums by Lily Allen were recommended by Matt)
I always stop by the SF H&M, because they have such a distinct collection of clothing. Everything is so clean and organized too! The David Beckham displays were attracting a lot of attention outside, and when I bought my new white faux fur collar, they gave me a bag with naked David on it. I also was dazzled by the huge picture of Daria inside the store.
We then wanted to find a macaron shop, since none of us had ever tried a macaron. So we had to walk by the United Nations building and then City Hall to reach macaron heaven.
City Hall has to be the most beautiful building in San Francisco.
This was my little Chinese Empire boat that would probably take me to a magical oriental palace in the sky.
We finally found our macaron destination. It was the cutest place ever to exist, and even though some of the customers started bothering me with questions about my clothes, I loved the experience. I did get compared to Mark Indelicato, and I pulled a Madonna and walked away. The guy proceeded to follow me and apologize. He was so drunk too. Damnit Reggie, you almost ruined my macaron experience.
I bought Persian Rose and Raspberry Lychee. I loved them both so much because they were so sweet and different in taste. Persian rose was my favorite. I love Rose deserts. I think it was because I used to eat rose petals as a kid since our garden was always full of roses.
Here they are. The shoes that caused tears. After eating our macarons we took a regular trip to Wasteland and I spotted these mint Doc Martens. Of course they weren't my size, but they were Karinna's. She is also obsessed with mint as I am, so it was obvious she freaked out. Oh did I forget to mention that I spotted them, right when Karinna was paying for her other pair of shoes?? Yeah, well she was already spending over $80 in shoes so she didn't have enough to get the Docs. She basically left the store crying because they were her dream shoes and she couldn't even get them. I think it's karma for having good luck with shoe findings (all her shoes are amazing), so this time the thrift store gods punished her with the unreachable Docs.
She went home with mint Hush Puppies, knitted leopard print loafers, and these dreamy Jefferey Campbell shoes that have the most amazing cut-outs.

The irony of the title of this post is that it was the Chinese New Year parade this same day, but we didn't go. Kelsey had to get home, so we couldn't stay to watch, which crushed Karinna and I. However this is the day that Whitney died, so I mean there wasn't a big need to celebrate at the moment. I like to believe we had our own little parade around San Francisco.

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