March 13, 2012

Versailles Dreaming

Being obsessed with royalty, it is so surprise that I am in love with Marie Antoinette. I recently got these cool little shoes that make me feel like Marie Antoinette. I always think of the scene in Sofia Coppola's film where Marie Antoinette is trying on all these different shoes. This plus my current obsession with mint all came together to come up with this post.
 I really took it to myself to combine my love for pastels this season, and really put together an outfit that made me think of Marie Antoinette all day. Pastels are so soft yet so bright, just like a lot of the colors seen in the time of Marie Antoinette. I mean I wasn't in a pretty setting like Versailles since I was at my little suburban high school, but you can say I'm the Marie Antoinette of the school.
H&M crew neck shirt, mint thrifted shirt, H&M pants, vintage shoes.
 I love my shoes because they are just quite elegant, and I love the sound they make when I walk. The heel is quite heavy so I sound like Carrie Bradshaw walking down the streets of New York. I lvoe the little lion emblem, it almost reminded me of the Versace medusa though. The different leather patterns are just so fitting for the shoe, and the color is just divine. I mean I just could talk forever about these shoes, they are my favorite at the moment. I got them off eBay, and I've really found eBay as a great way to find unique finds, that are so affordable. I'm still however mad that the YSL loafers that I almost got for $20, were quadrupled in price by some other person in the last 10 seconds. I released shoe tears that night...just like my friend Karinna did for her mint Docs.
You can see my little magazine clippings covered room. I always feel like I'm in one of the shrines that Tavi make inside of bookshelves.

I also want to express the Marc Jacobs vibes going on. The collars, the colors, the loafers. You can see my inspiration is evidently this collection. I also really like the poses in the ads, because they remind me of actions I regularly do in my everyday quirky life. I mean I can just imagine what I would be thinking/saying if I was making the poses above.
  • Don't I look chic?
  • omg I'm wearing mint *tears*
  • I'm just going to take a picture of myself to remember this outfit.
  • I'm done with everyone, but myself.
  • Oh you're taking a picture?!
  • Walking to class like it's nobody's business.
  • Here I stand for autographs.
Perfect ads for a perfect collection.

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