March 18, 2012

thoughts & problems

You know life is just a little bit scary at the moment. Amidst college denying and accepting, you tend to be a little scared for the future. For the past year I have been worrying about which of the five NYC schools I would be attending next fall. I constantly change my mind of which college I will be attending. During my secure moments, I see myself attending a big school, where I will get help enough to pay for it. Other times I see myself attending a decent school, but one that is probably still too expensive to pay for (especially if they don't offer too much aid). I've already been accepted to 3, and I'm just waiting on 2 more, which will really change all my plans that I have made before. It's totally frightening, but I'm excited to face the world and really just experience something completely different.
 My problems also consist of envy. I am really jealous of this librarian's mesh sweater. My current obsession is actually mesh. That's why it haunts my dreams and my fantasies. I really need it in my life. If she was a little bit nicer I would buy it off her, but of course she has to be the least friendly librarian. HAND OVER THE SWEATER GIRL!
 My problems also consist of the fact that my copy of Irreverent hasn't been shipped yet. I'm quite upset considering I ordered it on the day before Christmas Eve. I'm tired of calling Barnes & Noble, complaining about how they need to hurry up and send my order!!!!!!!!
And I'm still obsessed with Lana.
This was just a post of my current inspirations, and thoughts. Just things I needed to get out of my head, and leaving here for everyone to see. Spring is around the corner, and so is the end of my SENIOR YEAR.

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