March 27, 2012

may the odds be ever in your favor

If you are a usual reader of my blog, you can already guess I was completely delighted for the Hunger Games movie premiere. I was beyond ecstatic, and had been planning my outfit for a while. I knew I wanted to go as a tribute, but it was so hard looking like you were dressed up as a tribute when they wear pretty much normal clothes. I recently however came across this beautiful mesh hoodie. I had been wanting a mesh top for the longest time. I looked everywhere online. eBay always made me feel uncomfortable because all their mesh tops looked like they were made for strippers. I didn't a stripper look, I wanted more of an Alexander Wang S/S 2012 look

So while at Wasteland, I almost yelled of excitement when I saw this on the racks. It looked so similar to the Wang collection. The price tag bothered me a little, but I told myself that if I pretended that this piece was real Alexander Wang, it would be such a bargain. So that is how I came to buy my first nonslutty mesh top.
This outfit was actually my day time Hunger Games outfit, I was planning on wearing something warmer to wait in line to watch it at midnight. I wore this outfit to school which is the biggest risk I made this year, bigger than my fur coat event. I paired the top with my brother's mesh "basketball shorts". Someone actually had the audacity to say "IS VICTOR REALLY WEARING BASKETBALL SHORTS!???". I answered, "No, these are not basketball shorts when they are on my body. They become glamorous when worn by moi".  My literature teacher asked me why I was wearing fishnets, and you know she was judging me. My friend Jessica recognized that I was going for a sporty look, which is big this season anyways.
The movie really pleased me. I felt like it was as perfect as they could get for a movie. It's hard putting such a vivid and emotional plot into a movie, where you can't really understand everything from the point of view of the protagonist. I love all the visuals however. I loved the Capitol clothes, and what Katniss wore during her interview. I just can't wait for the next movie, I'm sure it will be even better than the first.
 Waiting in line outside in the cold was interesting. I came prepared with my dark leather jacket to go over my mesh hoodie. I really liked the way the hood consumed my face. I felt so mysterious, yet mystifying. I'm sure I came off as tribute while I pretended I was in the Hunger Games, camped out outside.

This is me playing in literature with my mesh veil.
This is my final installment of my pictures of the Hunger Games books (the rest are here and here). This one I actually took so long ago, but never remembered to post it. I really hope all you Hunger Games fans really enjoyed the movie. And yeah I cried when Rue died...

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