July 18, 2011

Amen Fashion

This month has been quite hard for this blog. My cousins are visiting from Mexico, and even though I thought I would have lots of time to be antisocial and bitter, I haven't had time to really do much since I like hanging out with them.

When they came to visit I had my room go through a "deep-cleaning". This meant getting rid of anything I didn't need, or use everyday. The first to go were my stacks of magazines on top of my dresser. At the end I was left with an empty dresser, so after much thinking (maybe like 3 min) I decided on making an altar. Then the next problem popped up, who would I make the altar dedicated to? I wanted someone that I loved and worshiped...Lady Gaga? Blake Lively? Freja? Daphne?

So I thought, I love Vogue since it's like my bible, so that means I would have to worship the creator... Anna Wintour.
My altar began with regular things that i found in my room that looked old or antiqued. Then I went and added candles, and some rocks from my old rock collection.

I also went ahead to look at some other people's altars on Google. Most of the really creeped me out because they were all either Satanic or Wiccan. Being brought up in a Catholic household, I was always told to be afraid of witchcraft and the devil, so it really brought out childhood fears.

Catholic altar

Anna Wintour is the new Jesus

Day of the Dead altar in Mexico

Our Lady of Vanity

The candles are from my room, the living room, and the closet. The rocks I used are obsidian, quartz, and a fossilized shell. The boxes are all antiques and gifts. The Eiffel Tower is a souvenir from Paris.
West side
East side
In the East box I have my sunglasses (the special ones) that I collected from thrift stores. The bottom ones flip up like Micky Mouse ears. While the top ones are Versace 676 Vintage wannabes. Both I only use on special occasions.
On the West side, we have my all my prized necklaces. My triangle tribal necklace is from Cotton On, the Unicorn is from F21, the crucifix is from my church, and the favorite deer necklace is from F21. 
Over my altar I put the spread from Vogue September 2010. I liked it because it had a lot of my fashion favorites and since my altar is mostly about fashion, I thought it was important to incorporate them. On the right side I pinned a picture of Carine Roitfeld because I loved her work for Vogue Paris. In the center is a picture of Anna Wintour from her WSJ cover. 
At the bottom is a picture of the Fashion Holy Trinity, which I found the picture on Tumblr and had to have it above my altar since it was exactly what my vision was. Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and André Leon Talley really inspire all of us Vogue readers, so it was important to include them. (had to include Anna more than once)
Anna Wintour for WSJ
 The outfit that I wore to inaugurate my altar was composed of a Halloween costume (the black robe), and another piece of black fabric for the head piece. 
My mom found this look really creepy and thought that I was turning into a satanist. She still doesnt really get the idea of a fashion blog, but she will one day. I was at first going for a look that made me look like a nun, but then I really decided to go for a "monk" look.
I really hope to add to my altar as the years go by. I wanna find some cool stuff like this Wiccan altar. Maybe just something less creepy. (Unless I decide to make a creepy altar)
These crosses from Romeo + Juliet would look perfect in my room. Maybe they can be in the hall, and lead to my room. I can dream right?

This altar was clearly for fun, and even though I am very spiritual I don't take this altar as something I use to worship, but more to honor the people the inspire me everyday.

July 01, 2011


Summer has really brought out much of my creativity. Since I wasn't that interested in fashion until September, I had never really spent a summer worried about fashion. Thanks to the excessive amount of free time I have, and the access to the internet, I have been already planning my "fall wardrobe". I want to break away from the "tribal prints" and the tribal accessories, and go back to my dark/punk side (or my rebel side as I call it). 

I began looking at techniques to modify my clothing so it looked new. I found a lot of different cuts I could make, and bleaching/dyeing techniques that I could do on my clothes. This was all vital information since I have no money for clothes until I get a job. I found this wonderful picture of a shirt cut out to resemble a rib cage, and I FELL IN LOVE. (I would gladly post this picture, but the person in the picture looks at my blog, and I'm afraid to ask if I could post it. I just don't want to look like a creep, or be discovered how creepy I am) I used it for inspiration. The first shirt I used was a disaster, and it looked like I had cut out a big penis. After starting over, it was already looking better, and before I knew it I had accomplished the impossible (for me, being impatient and lacking materials AND sucking at eyeballing things).
The process itself wasn't hard, if you knew where to cut. I think my shirt would have looked better if I hadn't made the center part so big, I put safety pins to close the gap a little. Also the shirt I used curled more than I though it would, cause the the slashes to be bigger than expected. I was quite happy with the outcome however, considering that no one in my area has done something like this so I'm locally original~.

FYI: While taking my pictures, I chanted "Riccardo Tisci" in my head. I'm also chanting it as I type. It's a spontaneous action too...
The whole idea of this post was to portray a railroad rebel, an alley native. I risked my life on that railroad (not really since no train passes through there anymore), but I did it for the sake of fashion. I also wanted to have this zombie look on my face while taking these pictures (you can tell I barely get sleep huh?).

The rib cage cut shirt is Ralph Lauren, not the super expensive kind though. You can actually see the little logo on the breast area of the shirt. The black long sleeve was a gift, which I really liked because it was kind of random, but I liked it. The sleeves are really baggy which give me the feel of a little church boy, like and alter helper for some reason.
So when I first wore this shirt I went to Taco Bell with my friend, and the cashier asked if she could take a picture of it. I was 50% creeped out 50% flattered. I just hope she doesn't so some witch craft thing with the picture (my mom planted the idea in my head). She said she wanted to show it to her friend. 
My jeans started to rip, and in attempt to try to close them I put safety pins on them. Now they are like Balmain pants. People always ask me if the safety pins poke me, and I just look at them with my judgin' face, because that is a stupid question. My boots are my favorite shoes ever, and they are really scraped up now. They are Timberland work shoes, but I made them chic. 
My hooker hemp bead bracelet was made by my bffl Aimee. I wear it everyday, mostly because I tied it really tight, and cant take it off. I also just love it because it's kind of like my own tramp stamp. It recognizes I'm a hooker for fashion. Aimee should just design a bunch of bracelets just for me, because she comes up with great designs. 
sunset zombie
hand me that rib cage
Rico Genest + Jac Jagaciak for Fashion Magazine
So here was what I used as a guide. I had the courage to ask. He is Michael, and if I had the money I would buy all his clothing.

Now to look for a job, and get some cash.