January 12, 2012

obsessed with a 13 year old

Seeing as I'm eighteen, I should really feel very pedophilish with the title of this blog. However it is physically impossible to not be obsessed with "Hollywood's new princess" (as Teen Vogue calls her). Elle Fanning has really captivated my heart. I was (I probably still am) obsessed with Teen Vogue's February 2012 issue. Elle Fanning covered it in such a graceful, adorable smile. I have never been so obsessed with a Teen Vogue before; not even the issue where Alexa Chung was on the cover (and you know how much I love Alexa, all thanks to my friend Aimee. Speaking of Aimee, we both share a strong love for Elle.) I could not put down this issue, and I was so excited for it when I saw Elle's video of her cover shoot.

Just look at her when she introduces herself in the beginning of the video!! Has me clutching my heart and sending out tears (the same tears I sent out like when I saw the Givenchy Fall 2011 collection). She's just so incredibly adorable. HER VOICE. HER SMILE. HER EXCITEMENT. Jane Keltner de Valle was not exaggerating when she called her sunny. She is the SUN. I honestly she is a sun nymph disguised as a teenager in order to be able to wear Valentino couture and what not. Basically when I'm having a bad day, I watch this video and feel so giddy after.

I learned so much about her through the interview. Like she does ballet 5 times a week (LOVE), rather dress like a 2 year old than like a 21 year old, and she was the Morton salt girl for Halloween. She honestly has a more interesting life than me, and she's only in middle school. She's up there on my list of envy along with Alexa Chung, Rumi Neely, and Tavi Gevinson. I mean she wears RODARTE to school. I don't anyone else who wears Rodarte to MIDDLE SCHOOL. I so want to be her best friend. The two pictures above where taken by me (as in I took pictures of the pages in the magazine). I gave them a little grainy effect just to make them look timeless. I love the first picture of Elle wearing Marni. These pictures were taken right after I realized I don't live the same world as Elle...

I was so obsessed with this article by Jane Keltner de Valle. It talked about her journey from going from a no-hatter to a "mad hatter". She talked about how she used to never wear hats (unless at the beach or at the snow), but after wearing some Philip Treacy she realized how it wasn't too flashy to wear a hat on a normal day. I related to this, because I HATE hats. Well...I mean if I had a Philip Treacy hat, then that would be an exception. I love this picture just because I find it so regal, it's probably the Philip Treacy.

Speaking of Jane, I'm really obsessed with following Eva and her on Instagram because they post the perfect pictures. I'm also obsessed with handwriting. Karlie [Kloss] by far has the best handwriting I have ever seen. 

I was inspired to make my friends collage letters after reading Teen Vogue all day. HEY look you can see Karlie's cover! AND LOOK you can also see Elle's sissy Dakota's cover. I swear I didn't plan this. This is all some big coincidence that I noticed while typing.

And because I squealed when I saw this ad in print for the first time. I thought it was just a great coincidence since Elle said how much she loved this collection in her interview. She described the clothes to look like cupcakes. Cute huh?
P.S. Did you guys notice how many times I said obsessed in this post?? I've been really obsessed with using the word obsessed. OBSESSED OBSESSED OBSESSED.

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  1. And still countin;O) Beautiful photos though. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too, soon.