January 17, 2012

birthday king

It's been a while since I made a post that I didn't have scheduled for over a week. A lot has changed! As you guys may have noticed, I changed the blog name/title for just creative reasons. PUNKIUS was being used all over Tumblr, and it just irked me so much. I changed it to New York Tribal because it was a little thing I came up with last year. I used it to express my style, since at times I felt like my style was very unpredictable and indescribable. I felt like it was just more fit, since it was something that came to in a dream. It was like a calling. I started getting a little Tumblr hate when I stated that I was being copied. People were saying how I thought I owned everything and came up with everything on this world. Obviously if I create something, I'm going to defend it when others are trying to rip it off. Anyone would have done it.

But enough of that. I am now a legal adult!! It seriously doesn't feel any different, and here I was thinking the planets would shift or something. My birthday was absolutely incredible. I stayed up a little later than I usually do just to see my birthday messages zoom into my inbox as soon as it was midnight. Consequently, I woke up late in the morning and had to rush to school. I guess I really sped through, because I was one of the first students in my first period class. Now, I wanted to absolutely dazzle everybody at school for my birthday. So I had to wear an outfit to make me stand out, since it was other people's birthday that day too.

I knew my faux fur coat would be a big deal and get a lot of attention, but it got WAY more attention than I ever expected. My psychology teacher interrogated me about whether it was real or fake, and then she proceeded to tell me about fur in the 90's. I kind of found it fascinating, so I didn't mind her rambles. She said that my coat was "quite a coat" which was cute of her. My classmates around me started buzzing and asking me where I got it, and telling me how much they liked me. One said I looked like a king. It was just admiration all around. I had worn faux fur before, so this was the usual reaction I got from people so I wasn't surprised. During brunch it was wild. As I walked into the cafeteria, people stopped eating to look at me pass by. Then everyone wanted to pet me and hug me, and I had to have 2 of my friends stand on my sides so people didn't come up to me to try to pet me. I felt like this glamorous celebrity strutting down the cafeteria, while my bodyguards protected me. My next class was just overwhelming. My teacher gave me this look that was a mixture of surprised and disgusted, but with a sprinkle of politeness. He asked if it was real or fake, and you know I was just tired of getting this question (I mean you can obviously tell it's faux, WHY DO I NEED TO TELL YOU?). I thought it would be interesting to see his reaction if I said it was real, so I did. His face dropped and proceeded to call me evil. I honestly thought he was going to ring up PETA and have them shower me in red paint. I laughed and said it was fake, and he started laughing and saying how he fell for it. I was so surprised with the way he acted though. Some people are just disgusted be he seriously was almost yelling at me because he thought it was real. Throughout the day I got little nicknames like Carrie Bradshaw (squeal!!!), P. Diddy (I don't get it either), and Mr. Glam. Of course I got more pets, and more hugs. I had to hide as much as possible to avoid the attention.

I usually don't mind attention, I really like it most of the time. However this was just so overwhelming.  I mean I do understand how different it seems to people at my school, since nobody really wears fur or faux fur in our area. To me it was no big deal, but to them it was like if I had the solar system wrapped around my back. It was so disrespectful to the coat, since it was being looked as a rare creature, but it wasn't being marveled for it's beauty. The coat has such a nice color, and the only thing people cared about was how soft it was. I don't think the people at my school are ready to take in something so beautiful on a daily basis. I swore never to wear it at school ever again. I did however seem to spark curiosity in some students, as they told me they want to try to wear faux fur too. 

I almost forgot it was my birthday that day, since I was too busy talking about my coat all day. I did however then go over to my friend Kelsey's house, where our little group of friends just hung out and watched Sex and the City. It was a really delightful birthday and I enjoyed myself. Also Style.com dedicated their Look of the Day poll to fur on the day of my birthday, so it was obviously an honor for me.

Faux fur coat is thrifted, necklace is H&M
Now I just want to remind some of you of fur/faux fur etiquette. 

(includes faux)
  • Don't try to pet people. It isn't polite, and if it is real it makes the person feel like the animal they are wearing. Since there is the whole idea that real fur is barbaric, it might offend the person since it will seem you are treating them as an animal.
  • Try not to ask if it is real or fake. You can make your own assumption, but it is really annoying and some people might get offended if you doubt the validity of their authentic fur.
  • Don't lecture fur wearers on the cruelty of fur; they obviously don't care if they are wearing it.
  • If you are going to make comparative compliments, make sure you stay away from trashy things or people. Example: P. Diddy.
  • The fur doesn't make the person. The person wearing the fur isn't trying to wear a costume, they are being themselves and expressing their style. A fur piece is just a piece of clothing, and not anything out of the ordinary.
I honestly do not see the big deal with real fur. I know that some killing techniques are cruel, but they have improved them over the years. It is just the same as when humans kill an animal for food, or when they go hunting. It is a personal choice, so everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. Don't try to degrade or insult someone that is wearing fur. It's like insulting someone for supporting abortion. IT'S A PERSONAL CHOICE. I really do not respect PETA because of their protest choices. I think it is disrespectful to ruin someone's clothes, especially if they are expensive. If they are entitled to their opinions, but insulting someone else for having a different opinion is annoying and makes your organization look bad.

I would have posted this post sooner, but my Internet went out for three full days! YES THREE! You can imagine the suffering. It all started on Friday the 13th, so it was obviously just my bad luck for the day. On Saturday, my family threw me a little party. It was very intimate. Only family friends, and family. My best friend did come, because our families know each other so my mom invited them too. There wasn't really a theme, except the red and gold decorations matched my clothes.

My mom got these cool plates for each of the tables. They reminded me of ancient Rome, which made me consider my party Roman Empire themed. 

Gifted shirt, dad's ex coat, and my H&M necklace (which has been popping up in a lot of my January outfits lately). This outfit was similar to my New Years outfit, but I just really wanted to show off my necklace again.

Hershey's Cookies and Cream Chocolate

I got this cool case for my iPhone for my birthday. It has the same pattern as the Arnsdorf S/S 2011 collection. I really fell in love with the crystal pattern ever since I saw the collection, so I knew I just had to get the case...I just had to wait to get an iPhone and then wait for an occasion where I could buy it or receive it as a present. So happy to finally have it.

So happy to be another year older and looking forward to college! It seems like it is just so close that I can almost touch it.

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