January 06, 2012

retro satire

Vogue Italia January 2012
Daria Strokous and Caroline Trentini by Steven Meisel

I used to be a magazine addict. I would buy every single Vogue Italia and Vogue Paris, along with other international magazines. After my local Barnes & Noble went out of business (due to the Borders across the street), and after Borders went bankrupt, I found myself traveling so far just to get my hands on my international babies. International magazines are already so expensive, that with traveling expenses it wasn't worth it anymore. I didn't have the money. My last issue for VI and VP was in May. I saw so many more beautiful covers that I loved, but I realized it wasn't worth buying them if I didn't have the money to do other things. So that ended my magazine addiction era. After that I was actually able to hang out with friends and buy clothes, instead of staying at home while saving my money. I got subscriptions to US magazines, and those will just have to do. I promised that when I get a job in NYC, I will buy any magazine that my heart desires. This cover just brought back so many memories.

Enough of my sob story. I absolutely love this cover. I love the satire!! I love how they are imitating those home shopping networks that have the most annoying hosts that repeat the phone number (like a billion times) that you call to order the clothes. At first I was so confused because I was looking for a picture without the tags (thinking that they were some online magazine advertisement deal). That's just how realistic this picture is. The detail is incredible. THE CHANEL CLOTHES AND SHOES (tears of joy run down my cheeks)! I love the creative and artistic ideas of Vogue Italia. I believe that if magazines come up with more playful covers, that are actually creative, there would be more readers buying the magazines (since they complain they aren't selling as much as before). Vogue Italia always seems to a perfect moment in time in their covers, and that's what makes them so exciting.

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