January 27, 2012


With the release of Natalia Kills latest music video to her new single Kill My Boyfriend (which I have stated to be an inspiration for me), I was so excited to come and show you guys some of the stills from the video. The visuals were just spot on in my opinion. Kills replaced blood with milk while she killed her boyfriend. She also gave me this retro vibe which I am really inspired by this time of year. Here are some of my favorite scenes from the video, which you can watch here. I loved the colors and the fashion of the whole video. Natalia really has such a personal fashion that be described with a label. My favorite scene was when she was showing off her mint nails while pouring and spilling milk. I was also so proud to find out she has Latin American roots, which I can relate to.

I really hope you enjoyed these visuals as much as I did, because I could not stop looking at this video. Choosing the scenes was so hard since I wanted to put my MOST favorite. I ended pretty much putting most of the video in this post...oops.

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  1. I love this, some of these remind me of things I would see in FACTORY or NYLON.