January 04, 2012

long awaited

New year, new news, new trends, new adventures. That's what we expect of every year. After we make those New Year resolutions, we slowly fall back to our old selves. Many of us don't experience any kind of change during the new year. OR SO WE THINK. Change comes like an unstoppable gust of wind and we are not able to avoid. Something happens to us every year that makes us a different person from what we were the year before. I always tend to blame the year for everything that went wrong, but this year as I tried to say that 2011 was a horrible year...I realized that there were so many more good moments than bad moments. For starters I created this blog which has been so much fun, and I really started sinking myself more into fashion. I applied for colleges, decided on a major, decided I need to now change my major when I get accepted, and planned my life after high school. 

 For me 2012 will have unavoidable change. I will start out a new life (hopefully in New York) and my parents might come along, and then again they might not. However I know that I will finally have to confront all my fears, and my disadvantages to become the person I wish to be.
Lately I've been really worried about not being able to get into a NYC school. I've actually been panicking ever since I submitted my application. It's not that I don't think I can get in, because I think I have a pretty good chance, it's just that I'm afraid that no school will take me. My fear is a little irrational, but it is realistic. I've thought about my options if I don't get in though, and they are actually not that bad. I think there is a really good chance that NYC is my future.

I did take time to plan how I was going to react if I don't get in to any schools. After watching the Sex and the City move for about the trillionth time, I figured that if I'm going to mope about not getting into a school then I'm going to do it glamorously. I'm going to buy myself a black fur coat, and big dark glasses. I'm going to walk around all depressed, and let a tear run down my cheek every time someone mentions college. I was mostly inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's moping in Mexico. I just made my reaction more wintry. And I'll do this just for the fun of being dramatic. I like to listen to Alicia Key's Empire State of Mind Pt. 2 to prepare the water works.
New Years Eve this year was very quite, and very short. The only time I was really excited was when Lady Gaga was performing in Times Square. I thought about how far she has come to get where she is now, and it was so inspiring. Mostly because of New York, but also because it shows how people become successful in the most unexpected ways. I then proceeded to count down until New Years, which we were the last to do so since we are in California. I know that next years New Years will be spent in such an epic way! (Confession: I hate using the word epic, but that's the best adjective for the situation) 
My outfit this year was simple. Mostly because I didn't have anything to wear that was blingy, but because we were spending NYE at my uncle's house and since he is Mormon I didn't want to exaggerate. I kept it quite conservative, because there were so many Mormon visitors I didn't want to be disturbed by their looks. I actually ended up going to some Mormon event the next day, and I went even more conservative. I was so disappointed to start the year off in such a conservative manner. However my mom didn't think my necklace was very conservative, so it made me feel better knowing I still stood out.
Gifted shirt, grey H&M pants, H&M metallic necklace 
I really liked the necklace because I've been really into metallic jewelry and what not. I bought it in SF when I went on my little shopping trip. I loved the way that the gold stood out from the Cerulean blue shirt. It also reminded my of Lady Gaga's orbit head piece, which I was in love with when she was using it everywhere. I had always planned buying one and wearing it to school. OH FRESHMAN DREAMS. I love the way the necklace reflects onto walls and my neck. PERFECTION.

The following are a little of my 2012 inspirations. They include Audrey Hepburn, Daphne Groeneveld, Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012, Daphne Guinness, and Karlie Kloss...and then Daphne Guinness again....and Gisele for Givenchy (I love the ads).

Now this is a little outfit I put together; it's my dream NYE outfit. It's darker than what most people wear for NYE, but I like my outfits dark for special occasions. The pants are Proenza Schouler, the jacket is Top Shop, the necklace is Givenchy, and the boots are Doc Martens.
I just made a Polyvore account, and I don't get it too much quite yet, but I plan on making little dream outfits occasionally for the blog.

Hope you guys are enjoying 2012 so far. My favorite news of the early year are. Katy Perry and Russel Brand file for divorce (it just makes her song The One Who Got Away ironic okay...), Kanye West announces his DW by Kanye West Twitter account is fake, AND that the label isn't even called DW (it's just Kanye West).

I've waited for 2012 for so long. It's the year I turn 18, finish high school, and start college. It's going to be full of me getting over a lot of things and confronting my responsibilities as an adult possibly living on his own. AND WE FIND OUT IF THE WORLD ACTUALLY ENDS ON DECEMBER 21!

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