January 21, 2012

Valentino's romance

There is something so romantic about the Spring 2012 Valentino campaign. Bette Franke, Maud Welzen, Fei Fei Sun, and Zuzanna Bijoch all emit such beautiful emotions in their soft and stunning faces. The clothes stand out so well in the setting and terrain of the campaigns. Valentino surely left everyone in love with such a captivating campaign. This campaign became one for my favorites of the season because of the way the colors of the clothes and setting seem to blend in so well; yet still allows the viewer to see the perfection of the dresses. It is sometimes difficult for a multi-model campaign to look so well without being too distracting, but each of the models in this campaign stand on their own while each one's beauty isn't outshone by the others.

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  1. Nice collection! These are beautiful dress!

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