January 10, 2012

will you take me back Chanel?

I cannot tell a lie. When I first saw the preview of this campaign, I was disappointed. When I heard that Carine Roitfeld (aka my dream mom) and Karl Lagerfeld were shooting this campaign at a French beach location, I expected there was going to be something big (like mermaids in 3D popping out of the page). I was very hurt when I saw this campaign would be in B&W, just because you guys know how much I loved the colors of this collection. I was also confused why Karl made Saskia and Joan participate in the Olympics in Chanel?? However, as I some the full campaign I fell in love. It is so beautiful and the angles of the photography are just stunning. Chanel was obviously so triumphant in the Olympics. I knew from the beginning that this campaign would grow on me, but did more than that. It captivated me and has me begging for mercy for doubting it. Carine Roitfeld + Chanel + Saskia, it's holy in my eyes.

I love that Saskia is the new face of Chanel, since she is one of my favorite models. I however wonder how Freja feels now that she has been replaced after being Karl's muse for so long. Sorry no hard feelings Freja, I still love you!

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