March 31, 2012

candy candy

I usually spend most of my time at my public library volunteering by helping create fun programs for the users. Last month we came up with a cool activity that brings out the kid in all of us. We wanted to turn the library into a candy land paradise. All of the members of my volunteer group dedicated themselves to a different station. For my station, I wanted to plaster the walls with candy buttons and just create a room filled with pastel wonders.

I also plastered myself in pastel clothes. Going through my closet I picked out anything in soft bright colors. I really tried to incorporate all the colors of my room in my outfit. I was the most dressed up of the night (like always), since my fellow mates didn't find it appealing to dress up for the occasion. I just think dressing up makes everything just more funner.
thrifted blazer, thrifted shirt, DIY cuff bracelts
In my station, everyone decorated cookies which I vainly based off of myself. You could have either decorated me wearing my peach Dior shirt or my mint shirt. My room was so beautiful because it was just surrounded in pastels, and the smell of icing really relaxed you while you sat down and enjoyed a Victor cookie. The candy button walls were really popular because they gave the usually boring conference room a delightful makeover. 
Some of my favorite cookies of the night.
I think shopping for the event itself was the funnest part. Just looking at different candy and thinking of all the beautiful things we could do to decorate the library. My idea was to take pictures of all the stations, but I was stuck at my station most of the night conversing and passing out cookies to be decorated. I loved that night because I got to just hang out with my little fashion friends and just discuss everything and anything. Volunteering at the library really has been a joy these past few years.

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