April 05, 2012

the other side of the tracks

I've been trying really hard lately to stay away from anything quotidian. I recently felt inspired to sleep on the other side of the bed, as I call it. It involves me sleeping with my head where my feet usually rest, and my feet where my head usually rests. I started to have very vivid dreams that I remembered the next morning with ease. I kept doing it for a couple of days, because we had been learning in psychology about dreams and I really wanted to be able to remember my dreams for our dream journals. It was quite inspiring seeing how my unconscious mind was more vivid when I slept in a different place. My dreams were also really extreme, including: my friend and I going to jail, the ground shattering, me as a royal ad mist a revolution, and living in the underwater world of Versace. I soon however had to stop sleeping that way because I noticed that I wasn't resting as much as I would regularly do. During a hectic week, I went back to my old sleeping position, where I slept more soundly. 
thrifted vest, H&M shirt, my favorite necklace ever, thrifted shoes
This outfit has actually been lingering in my mind for a while. When I first bought the vest, I thought of outfits I could create with it. I was inspired by this contest for a ticket to meet Jean Paul Gaultier at the SF de Young, and I envisioned a darker look that popped out with the gold necklace. I wanted to find a extravagant white collared shirt to pair it with. However, when I decided to wear the outfit one morning I noticed I didn't have extravagant white shirts. This outfit really just pieced itself together that morning, creating something that really satisfied me. It was simple, yet so intriguing to me. I felt really happy in this outfit. I think it has to do with the fact that I love the cut, length, and details of the vest.
The darker shots are two of my favorite. When editing, I wanted to create a different side to the shoot, so I made these darker. I especially liked the photograph below, because I love the way the pose contemplated the outfit and the scenery. I seem to be looking afar and into the future, and since the future is currently important to me, it really captivated my attention.
I wore this outfit when I went to see my school compete in a poetry slam. It really influenced my choice of more darker colors, and the touch of gold was to attract attention. I did get a lot of nice compliments, mostly on the necklace, and I really enjoyed myself. This picture was taken while my friend Murmie and I looked for somewhere to eat lunch. It is a fence that was completely covered in this geometric colorful delight. I asked her to take a picture, and she got one of me squinting from the sun, since we were in a hurry I didn't bother taking another one. I also really liked the way my necklace let off a shining glare.

I really look forward to seeing our school compete at the poetry finals. It's going to be tough, but our school has so many talented poets that make you really feel the emotion in their words. It is something I really look forward to. I plan to dazzle with my outfit also however, have to look good when my school wins!

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