April 26, 2012

everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

I really liked the way the toilet paper looked next to my shirt. I like to combine textures and the fluffiness of the toilet paper went excellently with my shirt.
I was really inspired by the pajama suit trend going on right now. I felt like this striped shirt resembled the pajamas that the bananas on T.V. used to wear. I really like the shirt because when I stare at it for too long it gives me a slight headache. It's like a clothing optical allusion.
For Spring Break, I helped my friend Karinna move and we had a little National Best Friend Day sleep over. The next morning we woke up early and took the train to Berkeley. We wore similar shirts just to really emphasize how our friendship affected every aspect of our lives. We also wore bindis. She wore a gold one on her forehead, and I put two on the side of my eyes. She also gave me this awesome cheetah print scarf that I just loved. I went ahead and wore it not giving a fuck about the weather. I just really liked the way it looked with the stripes.... Some lady at Goodwill commented that it was off season. I was going to comment that her clogs were ugly, but she was wearing overalls so it was okay. She better watch out next time. (she did say she loved the scarf though, and I do have to agree it was sunny outside, but I mean I didn't have a heat stroke because I wore it so I don't understand the problem!!)
These are the bindis I wore. They made my eyes look quite feline-ish. I tried so hard to take a good picture, and this is what I got. If you don't like it, then it's okay...haters gon' hate. If you haven't noticed by now, I take all my pictures on my phone because I find it a hassle to carry my camera around everywhere. I'm not a photographer, so I mean what do you expect??
My mysterious friend Karinna! I considered posting a picture of her with her face, but I knew she wouldn't have approved of the picture. I'm trying to keep her as a friend, so I'm not going to risk our friendship over a picture...You guys will just have to bear with the anonymity of these pictures. Her outfit is just divine though. We called it the school girl outfit.
Berkeley was not what everyone hyped it to be. We went mostly for the thrift stores. They weren't as good as Haight, which was a bummer. I did end up buying some really nice boots though so I wasn't complaining too much. I also got to save my money. We bought some ice cream, and then Karinna got called a princess by a little girl so the day was still perfect.
Lana Del Rey is the only one who can wear a crop top and not look like a hot mess, okay?
An Allison Harvard picture doesn't hurt anyone. It rejuvenates the soul.

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