April 10, 2012

you can't dress slutty in March!!!

WHERE WAS I!? WHERE WAS TEEN VOGUE!? WHERE WAS THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT?!!! This was brightly displayed on Teen Vogue's April 2012 issue, and obviously many of the girls at my school aren't subscribed or read Teen Vogue. Which is a shame considering that everybody just looked like a Hunger Games' Capitol train wreck. I can predict that the girls at my school obviously didn't pick any of these 101 GLAM DRESSES. Now I have a theory that you're supposed to look tacky at Prom, it must be a requirement (that and having white french tip nails, in your choice of fake or real, considering the swarm of pictures of these darlings on Instagram). My own teacher said "YOU CAN'T DRESS SLUTTY IN MARCH!!" when she found out our Prom was on the last day of March this year. She was correct that many of the girl's motivations is the ever so man-appealing slutty look. My teacher may or may not be a teenage mind reader (she also may or may not be the same teacher that had a phone call with her mom, DURING CLASS, about her daughters first gynecologist visit). Now I just feel guilty because while I was skipping the Prom filled pages of Teen Vogue, I could have been preaching to the young ladies about what to wear to Prom. Now every year you see a different trend, these were this years trends:
  • TOMS as nightwear shoes - let's put aside my annoyance to this show hype, but why would you wear the most casual shoe known to man (the heir of the Croc), and wear to what ideally is a glamorous and formal event. I get many were trying to be comfortable with having to take off your shoes, but at least don't take pictures of your feet. NO.
  • the long silk floral dress - replaced last year's lace and neon trend
  • the young men's grey tuxedos - I get all the guys tend to look the same in black tuxedos, but this year all the guys looked the same in grey tuxedos.
  • the ever so classy "freak dancing" was replaced by his close cousin the fabulous "twerking" - teens all over America experience this cultural phenomenon in which women degrade themselves in public, and men unleash their sexual fantasies. 
Now here would be about the time where I would show you how I, the Bay Area Fashionista, managed to break all of society's Prom rules and unleash my creativity in my Prom outfit. But here is the thing...
Yes! I defied the laws of high school and didn't attend my Senior Ball. I missed out on the memories that would last a lifetime. But what did you expect? I would have probably gotten sick from all the judgmental thoughts in my head. I mean I'm just heartless and probably would have caused a scene (this is coming from the guy who contemplated posting the worst and worst dressed of my prom in this post, but didn't just so I wouldn't get the reputation of the Perez Hilton of fashion blogging). Instead of attending Prom, my rebel best friend Karinna and I went out to San Francisco on an expedition she would never forget!
There we were emerging from the underground world of BART (our subway train), and were graced by the beautiful city of San Francisco. As soon as I looked up I saw that the Louis Vuitton Cup 2013 would be held in SF this year. WHAT IS THIS LOUIS VUITTON CUP YOU MAY ASK?? Well I thought it consisted of Louis Vuitton giving shoppers the opportunity to raid the store and acquire the most items in a designated amount of time. The winner would not only take their pickings, but also the coveted LOUIS VUITTON CUP! BUT NO! This is not the case. The Louis Vuitton Cup is some sort of boat race. I googled it and lost interest once I saw that you weren't shopping for Louis Vuitton, so I don't know a lot of the details. You can go google it yourself if you are some sort of chic boat person.
Oh hey Lana! This was another way of San Francisco and the Rasputin music store in Union Square of reminding me that I was too sick to attend the Lana Del Rey meet and greet at Amoeba, a couple of months back. Thanks for having my back San Francisco. THANKS, REALLY! I love you Lana!!!!!!!
After we managed to get myself away from the Lana Del Rey poster, we moved on to find a place to eat and this fabulous two toned building. Look at the colors, look at the chicness. After eating Karinna looked up our next destination on the her trusty iPhone, where she received terrible news. To get to the place she wanted to go, she would have to cross her worst nightmare....CHINATOWN! You see I don't understand her hate for Chinatown, I find it quite pleasant and cute. She blames the slow tourist pedestrians!
While in Chinatown, I found inspiratrion from this graffitied wall, depicting a Chinese dragon, and a Banksy graffiti which I don't why I didn't include in the picture...but oh well. My name for this revamped version of this and this, is MERMAID SKELETON EXPEDITION! It was in honor of something you will soon become aware of later on in this post. I know I like to revamp outfits a lot, but sometimes they just make sense to the places I go. Which then I end up taking pictures of, and later realized I had posted something similar before. All of you guys really loved my ribz outfit that I posted during the summer, which still continues to get an insane amount of views. So to those skeleton-cut-t-shirt fans, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!
thrifted leather jacket, thrifted shirt, Ralph Lauren shirt cut to resemble a rib cage, mermaid  necklace
After being hit on by a motorcycle drunk guy outside a bar, we reached our destination! A TATTOO SHOP!! Tattoo Boogaloo, which we may or may not have just liked because of the cute name, was where Karinna had decided to get her tattoo. The shop was so retro and cute, and they had this mermaid painting in the waiting area (which was like a sign from above that this was a correct choice). I wanted to take more pictures of the place, but I didn't want to look like an annoying tourist. A couple of hours of waiting, and then a couple hours of getting her tattoo, Karinna was then branded with a permanent genius piece of art.
Now it makes more sense why I dressed the way I did this day. All in honor of this beautiful image. Everyone at the tattoo place was in love with Karinna's choice. Katie, our her tattoo artist, was the coolest person ever. She cursed a lot, and praised us for being so rad in skipping prom to do this. It was such a perfect Antiprom plan, and I was so happy to do this instead of prom.

Now I am not promoting to do something badass instead of going to prom, but let me just say that it's worth those missed memories. I mean I think I will remember this more than those prom memories that I am still trying to forget from last year's prom.

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  1. Bravo and love the tattoo... Unfortunately, living in England, I don't have a chance like this for rebellion X