April 18, 2012

I am from now on known as the world's flower baby

On beautiful Fridays, my friend Karinna and I wait for the bus and plan our endless NYC adventures. At the bus stop, I came across this beautiful flower and decided to care for it like it was my own. I stared at it, held it in my hand, and comforted it when it was upset. I nurtured it and and helped it become aware of how beautiful it was. I then soon realized that there were many more little flowers like this one on a nearby bush. I became amazed by new discovery. Had I discovered the lost city of El Dorado!? No, it was more than that. I had found my calling...flower nurturer. I learned a lot from these small delicate living beings. I started out by, what I though was helping them, to what I then realized was there way of enlightening me. I WAS THEIR BABY! 
 Here Karinna took pictures of me with my flower buddy. Look how adorable we look together. We match in color and cuteness. Look how I can't keep my eyes off the beautiful little flower being. I am in a trance, admiring it.

thrifted sweater, DIY collar, and thrfited pin
Now I don't know when the people at my school will finally comprehend the idea of a detachable collar. When will they understand that I am not trying to look like a stripper!? When will they understand that I can have a collar, without wearing the rest of the shirt. The collar shown here is my glitter version, which was inspired by the Miu Miu booties from F/W 12.

Now this is another controversial piece. The pin of the unknown child that I wear with pride. No people this isn't my baby picture! No people I don't know who this is! I just wear it because I feel like the soul of the child, that is trapped in the picture, accompanies me wherever I go. No I will not put a picture of myself in the pin! Who do you take me as? A narcissistic freak!? I love this child, which I don't know if to call a little a boy with an Anna Wintour cut, or a girl with an Anna Winour cut, OR MAYBE A BABY PICTURE OF ANNA HERSELF! However, I take pride in being the owner of this pin, which may have belonged to one of, if not, the most powerful woman in fashion. I also feel like a soldier with this as my badge of honor, blessed by Queen Wintour.
Behold the desert beauties of my local church. Complete with beautiful colors. 



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  2. I love your jumper and pins!I wish we had proper thrift shops in the UK! :-3