April 24, 2012

swirls of white

I am beyond obsessed with this outfit from Stella McCartney's Spring/Summer collection. Mostly the meshed shorts with the perfect swirly lining that reminds me of Versace's last collection. Like my friend said they looked like expensive basketball shorts, but they are just more than that. I have really fallen for the sporty trend (which is just baffling ironic, since I am the LEAST athletic person on this planet we call Earth). I just always fall in love with white during summer, and then this also goes with my obsession with mesh. I love the way the top has such a low cut. The jacket is also just so divine. However if I had to pick one thing to keep from this outfit, it would be the shorts just because I love them to death. I might regret it later, when I want the shirt and the jacket...but I've just wanted the shorts longer so yeah.
 Vogue UK March 2012
 Stella McCartney S/S 2012

These shorts were my inspiration to wear these, not as magical but what are you gonna do?

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  1. Yeah, those pictures were taken at Coyote Hills! I live near there. Small world!