September 12, 2011

Alexander Wang

I came home right after school just because I was so excited to write this review. I didn't socialize, and just told everyone I had too much homework just so I could get home to write this before I dove into a pile of homework. I mean Alexander Wang's (I was going to just say Alexander's but I don't know if we are on a first name basis yet) collection had me going crazy in class. Usually collections just enchant me in the moment, then I forget about them until they start showing up in magazines; with the exception of my favorite brands of course. I'm going to be completely honest here and just say that Alexander's (heehee) last collection was one of those that had my attention for about a day. Don't get me wrong I loved it, but as Fashion Week continues you are often distracted by all the flashing new clothes that you just are overloaded with so much that one or two collections ends up slipping your mind.

This year was such a different story. I actually watched this collection through livestream which I only usually do for one or two shows because the time zones just mess me up completely, and I never have time. I do tend to like collections that are great, if I see them live (of course I mean live through my computer screen since I haven't been actually invited to any show yet). I had the luck to be able to catch this show, and I will never regret it.



The mesh was really one of my favorite parts of the whole show. I mean the way it let the color under it seep through the holes to just allow this bright display of awesomeness was just simply incredible. Yeah i know it isn't something that is new, but I mean I hadn't seen a designer actually do something like this and deliver such a wonderful presentation. I really understand how the "critics" are saying it's too sporty, because when I went back to look at pictures I was reminded of my times in middle school when I had to wear those dirty mesh jerseys when we played soccer. However, I don't think the collection was too sporty, it was defiantly sporty but it fit and it made sense. The MESH POCKETS  had me dying. I love my pockets. I use them for everything because well most guys don't carry bags so we need a place to put things. I like to put my hands in my pockets when I try to channel Coco Chanel, so these are like the perfect shorts for this. I really like the way the long sleeved shirts make it seem like the whole body is consumed into a mesh bubble, when you also put your hands in the pockets of the mesh shorts.

Usually I disregard criticism on collections I like, because I think everyone is entitled to their opinion in fashion; which since fashion is art it is really seen differently by different people. However I do not understand some of the criticism for this collection. "It is like a sportier version of Balenciaga" "It looks more like a Fall collection than a Spring/Summer." Well you know that last comment pisses me off more than the first (because well I just hate when people think that some little thing means that a designer totally ripped off another), because I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT PEOPLE WANT SPRING TO LOOK LIKE!? Is a Spring collection supposed to be all florals or crop tops? Or maybe it's both...floral crop tops. I just hate this idea that Spring is supposed to be like what the cliched idea of Spring is. To me this collection was PERFECTLY Spring. It was something you could get away with anywhere. I see this as more casual clothing, but it fits because it was Alexander who said: “Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress on their days off that is the most intriguing.”. I live by this quote, because it is extremely true. Now with this new collection people can look amazing on their days off, or you know what ANY TIME THEIR LITTLE HEARTS desire!!!

As the show progressed we saw some more textures. There was printed leather and sheer, and also there were these cool little outfits that had a bunch of holes everywhere, which was referencing the mesh in the beginning of the show. If you notice also the leather dresses/skirts also seem to have that mesh reference on the sides. It was like a fashion allusion. Then we begin to see the arrow pattern on the dresses, which make the models look like angels by the way. I think it's the fact that the sleeves are sheer and relate sheer to angels.

Then there was the the sheer and the arrows; WHICH I LOVED! Besides the mesh, this has to be my favorite part of the whole collection. Some of the pieces included the floral print that some of the other clothes had (just so you "too fall" haters can shut up). I loved the tunic tops because they are so perfect for summer, getting out of the pool, at the beach, or just out on the streets if you wear the right things. The arrows were really such a good part of the collection, I believe Wang called the arrow pattern clothes racing suits, because well it does resemble NASCAR sort of. It just went really well with the sportswear theme.

There were a lot of other different types of prints and clothes (including the full body "racing suits" and the floral suits), but these were really the most important (and my favorite) parts of the collection. I know there was a lot of talk about the helmets, but I didn't really pay much attention to them.

The accessories were so spectacular. They had these "golf bag" bags (which is what everyone called them), and they had those in smaller versions to make like "mini golf bags" (which is what I called them). The leather bandannas were a nice touch, I mean I'm not a bandanna person, but Im going to be a label whore and admit that I would wear an Alexander Wang leather bandanna if I had one. 

The shoes were the only things that weren't sporty. Which was completely cool, because it added that feminine touch to the collection. (I think that is why I liked the collection, because I could probably get away with wearing most of the things) The shoes were beautifully crafted. Some of them had this paper mache look the them (it was like if they were just mache-ed onto the model's feet). Then other pairs were smooth and clean, but in the end Alexander always impresses with his shoes. I really think that is what he is best at, but I mean his designs are wonderful so it is perfectly okay.

The set was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It was one of my favorite parts of the whole show. When the first model walked out and you just saw her image race across all these different directions I just gasped. This continued on for about a third of the show. I was also impressed by the fact that (I believe) the seats were set up to imitate the arrow patterns. This picture was taken by Julia Chesky of Blackberry Vision. I envy her so much for being able to witness this live.

I usually don't do this for runway reviews, but I just need to acknowledge my favorite people who attended the show. CARINE ROITFELD + JULIA RESTOIN-ROITFELD. I mean the fact that they both attended was amazing enough, BUT CARINE (yes I feel like her name deserves to be in caps) wore GIVENCHY; which just won me over (if I could be won over since she already has me worshiping her). Mother and daughter looked extremely amazing. They always seem to exert this presence that just has me in awe (it might be their French swagger). I believe Julia is a close friend to Alexander so it was really another reason to watch the show, since I knew she would be there.

Julia and Carine Roitfeld with Linda Evangelista

This is such a memorable show. When I think Spring/Summer 2012, I WILL AUTOMATICALLY THINK OF THIS SHOW. It is one of my favorites of the season. If you also haven't already noticed by my syntax, I am really passionate about this show.

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Runway pictures provided by Vogue and the Julia and Carine's pictures are from TFS.

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  1. Great review. I like the collection overall, though, honestly, I find it very unexpected! I'm not sure why. But I like it!