September 10, 2011

The Row

Waking up and having to catch up on all the NYFW news is a lot of work. However this work is so much more amusing when you have wonderful collections. An early favorite of mine was The Row's S/S 2011 collection. What I loved is that they had the perfect balance of hair, makeup, and setting. The whole collection was in white, off-white, cream, and light, light blue. I love simple colored clothes for spring, because I hate the assumption that spring/summer clothes have to be all these floral shades.

Everything was so effortlessly fabulous. The way things were layered only intrigues me more, because it makes me want to see every single item individually. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen really impressed me with this collection. There is always that fear, the fear about celebrity designers. The Olsens are known for their fashion sense (and I myself am a big fan of their style), but I never really looked too much into their collections because I didn't want their image to be ruined for me. This was a collection that I actually put much attention on, and I was really content with it.

The whole collection to me reminded me of Morocco. Even though I have never actually been there, I have seen many pictures of the fashion and of the country. It is one of the places I want to visit sometime in my life. This collection was just perfect for something to walk in around Morocco's city's and deserts. Not only is this wonderful for the Moroccan desert, but also for New York City's summer heat. The clothing is light and cool, which is really refreshing to wear in the heat, but also to cover your skin from the Sun's rays. (The tunics are a perfect summer outfit)

My favorite part of this collection was the fact that every individual piece was perfect by itself, and then put together it was even more extraordinary. Everything was so angelic, and that was the Olsen's goal. “We wanted something floating and angelic, but also to have things that made a sound.” , Mary-Kate told Vogue. The lighting created that angelic presence and the hair allowed the model's faces to look soft yet striking. 


I love that the clothes are so casual, because in reality we really do spend most of our time dressing up in a casual manner than in a formal manner. To me this is casual, and it's perfect. My idea of casual isn't a t-shirt and jeans, but dressing more minimal yet in a very presentable manner. This could be worn coming out of your NYC apartment on your way for lunch with friends, and some pieces could even be worn at night if put together with the correct things. The pajama-y pants are my favorite, because I am sweat's #1 enemy so this is a more stylish replacement. A relaxing day at the park wouldn't be complete with these pants.

These last pieces show off a more formal side of the collection. The shells on the clothes add a nice touch to the clothing, and I mean if you want to get cliché you could wear these pieces to a beach-side beach party. The kind where volleyball and actually touching the sand isn't part of the party. I can only imagine the way these clothes sound when they have someone walking in them. The shelled top almost imitates the idea of suspenders; yet at the same time has a very sexy cut that is very feminine.

I am actually going to pay much attention to The Row now after this collection. Mary-Kate and Ashley have proven that they never will disappoint. A perfect collection to look forward to in February.

Photos provided by VOGUE.

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  1. Hahaha I know what you mean about waking up and catching up! (I actually blogged the exact same thing today!). I also loved the Olsen's collection- so clean and you can see how much they are developing since they first started!