May 05, 2012

holding onto home

As the seasons change emotions do too. I have been feeling quite differently lately. I look at the past and I see how everything has changed so much. I've been feeling all over the place lately, and I think it's because I am trying to hold to security. As I made up my mind to attend Marymount Manhattan College in the fall, I am really questioning everything. Do I really need to go that far to achieve my dreams? Will I be able to survive it all? You know I always knew what I wanted to do, but now I think I am literally scared. I have so many more worries, I just can't seem to write them all on here. It's really a pivotal moment in my life. The transition from child to something else is going to make me or break me.
This photoshoot was really inspired by holding onto security when life is about to change. I had been thinking about all that my parents do for me and I was really being a good appreciative child. I was thinking about how life is so much easier when you have everything handed to you. It really just goes back to the Neverland, "never growing up" theme. I mean this feeling comes and goes because my parents usually annoy me most of the as I type this to be honest. However let's just keep in mind that when I took these pictures, I loved my parents oh so much.
When I took these pictures, it was such a beautiful sunny day. We hadn't really seen anything like it in California for a while. I really just wanted to be barefoot all day. I wanted to wear an oversized shirt, because I wanted to feel the wind blowing it against my skin. I was barefoot for most of the time because the sandals that I wore were way too tight on me (they were given to me like 3 years ago). They were like hurting my feet so I had to liberate them.
 I really like how everything looks so smooth in this picture.
 Dior shirt, H&M pants
I wanted a crisp, simple look; something that felt comfortably chic.
I love the cover of i-D Summer 2012. Julia looks precious, and everything is so maternal and homey. I just really wish I could be the baby in that womb. 

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  1. Such a fabulous,simple outfit-also,your Dior shirt is gorgeous!