February 13, 2012

I told my mom I wanted to be famous.

I've been so happy lately. I really feel like the pieces to my future are popping up, and being put together. I think that not knowing what the future holds is quite scary. I think I'm just really scared of all my expectations not being true, but I remain so positive and certain that I feel eased. I don't think I can really wrap around all of the things that could go wrong for me. Getting to NYC will really be such and difficult thing for me. I'm not talking about the ride there, but just having everything work out for me to o live in NYC. That's why I will be truly grateful to finally breathe in the smoggy city air when I get to New York.

Enough of the sappiness, I've actually been really creatively working on little crafts. I've become so obsessed with making detachable collars. It does seem a little weird buying shirts, cutting the collars off, and then having the rest of the shirt, which you can't really use anymore, just sitting there. So i also started cutting off the cuffs of the sleeves. My mom gets really upset that I cut up shirts just to use 10% of the shirt. I bought a NEW Express shirt for $5 (valued at $60) at Goodwill, and she was almost crying when she saw that I was cutting it up. She started saying how I could have worn that too church...yada yada yada... how about no.
This is essentially a revamped version of this.
When I wore this outfit to school I got all these insane remarks. I really don't most people understood the concept of a detachable collar, or they probably had never heard of one before.  People said:
  • "You look like a priest, is that what you want to do after high school??" - Gail (the weird campus monitor that stalks students and learns their names cough*Aimee*cough)
  • "You look like a stripper"
  • "Is that a Rookie collar!!?" (the most accurate)
  • "omg thats not your shirt!!!!!!!?" (this was said like all day)
That Express shirt actually became a present for my dearest friend Karinna. She really isn't the type of girl to wear pink, but I just felt that the shirt was a different kind of pink. It really had these Louis Vuitton vibes if we relate it to the ads. I liked that it was a light retro color, and Karinna loves Grease, so I knew that it would be a perfect match for her. I knew that the first collar I made for myself had to be studded. In the beginning i planned on studding all of it, but it just became to much of a hassle and I kind of wanted to keep the white present. So I had to find a perfect amount of studs, and I was really content with the result.
This what I gave Karinna the collar in.
 I just want to mention how this most has Alexa vibes spilled all over it.
However, sorry Alexa, but the collar has been my thing since elementary school.
This was me like in 3rd grade for Show'n'Tell. This is how my mom dressed me until 4th grade.

 My mom recently confronted me about my future college major. She didn't get why I was going into Communications, English, or French if I was so interested in fashion. She said I should just major in fashion, and tell people that so I don't have to lie when they ask what I'm majoring in. I mean I really don't think my mom still understands what I want my future career to be. My ambition and all my life goals are related to becoming an Editor at a fashion magazine. I mean the ultimate goal is obviously Vogue, but really editing for another magazine that I feel just as passionate about (W, Teen Vogue, V, Magazine, Nylon, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia) is just as amazing. My mom still hasn't really understood the whole fashion career yet, but I'm hoping she will soon. As of now, she thinks I'm going to be a fashion designer or something. I told her not to worry, "no matter what, ultimately I want to be famous".
Kreayshawn by Terry Richardson for V Magazine just because.

I made a lot more collars, and they are going to be sprinkled in my future posts. A lot are Miu Miu inspired!!

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  1. Love the collars!! This makes me want to make some of my own, thanks!