August 15, 2011

japanese lunatic tea house クレイジー

Time and time again, we are reminded of the tsunami in Japan. However, as time passes we forget about the people affected. Before I continue on to express my weird thought process, I want to remind you to pray for those in Japan as they continue their journey to get over the destruction. If you can please donate to those in need. Even if it is not for those in Japan, please donate.

I've been DYING to make a post on here with this shirt. I love it to death. Not only because it comes from NYC, or because Gaga designed it, but the Japanese characters swooned me. I spent a day on eBay looking for a perfect person to buy one from, seeing as I can't go to NYC, and since they were sold out. OH AND FOR THE REASON THAT UNIQLO DOESN'T HAVE A U.S. ONLINE STORE! Once I found one, I put a bet but was later outbid and the price raised to like $30 which is gave the seller a bigger profit, and I wanted to help Japan, not some bored rich kid with UNIQLO connections. So I found another one, that sold for only $27 with S&H.

After about a week of waiting for to win the shirt, and another 3 days of it coming in, I was PROUD to hold it in my arms. I've actually haven't worn it outside my own home, because I want it to be a part of a more intricate outfit, and not a simple one like the one shown here. Which I will explain more later on this post.

My idea for this whole shoot, was to create a crazy feeling, but with a nicer, neat setting. The simplicity of the outfit highlights the oddity of being dressed like that for a nice "tea party" (the one that was going on in my mind). I wanted to seem lost, vain, and inconsiderate. 

So I am this lonely party (the only person there), but in my mind it is full of the best people to ever exist.

I also wanted to create this ominous atmosphere. I decided to move the decoration around in our living room, to make everything seem a little more empty, and almost contradicting at times. The cross and the painting to me where contradictions. Not only in size but also in other reasons as well. 

I stood on our couch to also elaborate on this idea of being rude at a party going on in my head, while in reality I just look like a lunatic posing and jumping on my living room couch. I really wanted to portray a story in a way.
The glasses add to the whole lunatic idea. The over-sized lenses are almost vulgar for a party like the one going on in my head.

I created this image of darkness seeping through from the other side of the room onto the lighter side. It was totally a yin-yan effect, which again relates back to the Japanese influence. You can see a juxtaposition in the setting if you were to look closely. I took pictures in both B&W and in color to also see two different points of view. Notice how while in color, my expression seems lost uncomfortable, the B&W version is a little more confident and careless. 

I want to address something to my readers, and to the people who have commented on my blog via Tumblr.

Many people have been sending me anonymous messages on Tumblr saying that my blog is a joke. That my ideas are great, but that my clothes and/or style aren't good enough. So I ask, who decides what good enough is? Obviously not someone who hides behind an anonymous feature. This is my blog and I decide what to put on it. 

I understand that my outfits have been very simple, but that is me during the summer. SIMPLE. During the summer I plan what I'm going to wear for Fall/Winter, which is when I get more creative. My summer is like my chrysalis. I take on a more simpler look to make way for bigger things in the future. I just don't see the point in wasting money on clothes that I can only wear for a few months. So this blog's full potential doesn't really come out till Fall and after. So don't call me ghetto, or tacky, because you haven't seen a lot from me yet. Plus, I am far from ghetto so don't go around throwing words at my blog. Being a male fashion blogger is really much harder than being female blogger. Girls can wear skirts, pants, dresses, and shorts. Guys? Well they CAN wear everything a girl wears but traditionally it's only shorts and pants. Most guys won't wear dresses and skirts. So when you can't experiment with bottoms, you have to experiment with tops and in the summer you can't wear too much due to the weather. So stop commenting on my NEW blog, and either never look at it again or wait until I post more. New Fall posts should start in September, which I find very exciting.

Lady Gaga UNIQLO Save Japan shirt, H&M black pants, vintage black combat boots, vintage glasses

So the boots that I wear here have quite a funny story. My dad originally bought them for my brother in brown, but he didn't like them so I got them. Once I tried them on I decided that they didn't fit. So my dad said he would look for another pair at the place he bought them. He told me they sold them in black and brown. I said black, but then wanted brown, but I also wanted the black. However, my dad convinced me that I had too many brown shoes. So I stuck with the black, but he bought the brown ones for himself. He is only .5 a size bigger than me, so it's like I have 2 new boots! YEY! He hides his though, even though I found them and wear them whenever I want. I love my black ones though, and have become a summer favorite.

Here is a better picture of the Japanese characters on my shirt. Don't ask me what it says, I dont know. I want to believe it is just gibberish. 

I leave you with a vain picture of myself. The ever so popular mirror picture.

yin-yan kittens

kingdom come

poke your eyes out for the rich

Freja Beha Erichsen for Vogue March 2011

these boots were made for...kicking you in the face and making you bleed until you come and pour me some more tea and let me watch my favorite t.v. shows... *phew* out of breath?

drunk + naked Formichetti

scary elegant

ASH STYMEST for Vogue Hommes Japan

and proud


better than you.

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  1. Such a lovely post. Don't listen to what the haters say. Just keep being inspired.

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