July 18, 2012

I'm the new Blake Lively

I just recently read this article by one of my favorite Rookie writers, Leeann, which talked about how nowadays fashion bloggers often bloat in posts where they claim they haven't worn jeans in a while. I found it pretty accurate, especially since jeans are now seen as casual clothing and not something you are too proud to be wearing. I do see that many people opt for other denim pieces like shorts, shirts, and jackets rather than a good ol' pair of jeans. I agree with Leeann, jeans are a symbol of an era and have stayed to be part of fashion for quite a long time now. I mean I think sometimes people are just too pretentious, and want to continue to display a certain look that they are categorized with and rather not mess it up with a pair of "cheap jeans". I do admire people like Alexa Chung and Leandra Medine, who rock jeans so effortlessly and with a coolness that is just not from this galaxy. The latest issue of Teen Vogue, August 2012, spotlighted how to wear jeans and denim in different ways. It was all really cool and honestly I feel like there is something so suave about denim; something you can't get with other materials. So in the end, even though there are some people that steer away from jeans there are other who just can't get enough.
Coincidentally I was wearing jeans while reading the article. I had stopped wearing jeans for while. I stopped buying them and sooner or later I just opted to wear other types of pants. However it wasn't too long ago that I rediscovered a pair of pants that I used to wear in like 10th grade. I had stopped wearing the pair when I started wearing skinny jeans. Since I soon got tired of skinny jeans, I reappreciated this pair of jeans when I rediscovered them in the depths of my drawer. I also defied the whole casual label on jeans by pairing them with some pretty dressy shoes. Also I added my "barong" which my friend Gretchen told me is the name of the type of shirt I am wearing. Barongs are Filipino shirts, which are worn by men in Filipino weddings and cotillions. I don't care what the shirt is called, I just care that it is slightly revealing and it has pockets at the bottom of the front. It is all part of my intention to make jeans dressy.
Our family got a new puppy! It is more like my little cousin's dog, but she is staying with us so I tend to carry it a lot. I like to call it her dog, so I don't feel like I am cheating on the dog I already have. Anyways, here I am giving off Blake Lively and Penny vibes. Watch out Blake, there is a new bitch carrying bitch in town.  
But in all honesty, I am the biggest Blake Lively fan so this is my attempt to mimic her.
These are some roses in front of someone's yard. I quickly stole all the petals and ran. Gotta make my rose tea somehow. 

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