June 28, 2012

From the sidewalk to the catwalk

This is extremely late, but I was trying to get all of the pictures together before I posted this. So I went to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the de Young and it was just beyond unforgettable. Ever since I heard about JPG setting up an exhibit, I was just so excited and my little heart couldn't contain itself. I had to wait such a long time to go because I was so busy and just didn't have the time to take the train into the city. However my time came and I am just so content with it. I had these amazing expectations for the exhibit, and they were fulfilled and even more than I had expected.

I mean JPG has been one of my favorite designers even before I really got into fashion. I had seen some of his pieces online and I was marveled. It was just amazing being able to see these pieces that I had once admired online, in person. There is no glass between you and these clothes, so even though you aren't supposed to touch...I will not judge you if you do. The pieces seem to be from out of a storybook of magical dresses and gowns, that almost seem to come alive. As soon as you walk in and see the blue lights on the entrance pieces, you are just overwhelmed with beauty. The mannequins have projected faces that blink and talk, which includes one of a talking Gaultier with his infamous accent. I really did feel special in the exhibit because I knew that Gaultier had probably touched mostly everything there. As weird as this may sound, I felt Gaultier in that museum. The power of his pieces are just so great, because he leaves an imprint on your mind and really inspires you. So here are some of the pictures of the exhibit, but I do recommend anyone who is in San Francisco to visit the de Young and this exhibit.
 I took my picture with my girls Maria Carla and Lara, because I also felt like they were there with me.
 This wasn't in the Gaultier exhibit, but it was in the de Young and I loved it. It is a Cathedral made out of guns and bullets. The Gaultier exhibit didn't offer very good lighting to take a good picture of myself, so I took this piece as an opportunity to pose.
I wore a thrifted Afghan vest with a mesh hoodie under it. I paired it with white pants and thrifted boots. And look at my little Prada-esque glasses that my brother got me for graduation.
 I'm a fan of collages so I also enjoyed this piece. I saw a couple of important figures like the Virgin Mary and Blake Lively.
I really do hope I can visit this exhibit more than once before it is over. I need to go back and just take my time with every piece, since it is a little crowded and there is so much to see that you can't possibly focus on just one thing.

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